Final Fantasy 16 Here Be Monsters Walkthrough 

The Here Be Monsters quest in Final Fantasy 16 is a short and sweet one that can be completed in a few minutes. Here is how to do so!

Here Be Monsters is a short and simple quest in Final Fantasy 16 that you can play after completing the Black Light Burns quest.

By completing this quest, you can restock various items and can purchase gear you may have an eye on. You can upgrade your weapons and make them better. 

This quest of Here Be Monsters is about Jill and Clive who are preparing themselves to go into the ship to travel Drake’s Breath. Here is how to complete the quest in FF16. 

How to complete Here Be Monsters in FF16 

In order to start the quest, you need to make your way to the Hideaway in FFXVI. Once you reach there, go to the right where you will find Vivan. You can complete this quest by completing the objectives which are mentioned below:

Talk to Vivan and Jill 

You have to start the conversation with Vivan. While speaking to him, you will get to know the details on the matter of The Iron Kingdom and Drake’s Breath. You will know how Drake’s Breath and the island of Mt Drustanus have been emptied from Rosaria. 

Once the conversation is over, you need to make your way back to the elevator. Upon reaching there, you will meet Jill and talk to her.

In this conversation, you will agree with Jill to help each other in your quest to bring down Mothercrystals. As Jill is suffering from the past of Mothercrystals, eliminating her will bring peace to her. 

Make your way to Drake’s Breath 

Once this conversation is over, you will open up your world map and then select Drake’s Breath to travel to in Here Be Monsters quest in FFXVI.

You will travel across the Boiling Sea. During your travel, Jill starts to experience pain. The cause of the pain is the use of her powers to construct mist. But doing was necessary as you’ll know.

Once you reach the coast, Jill will guide you to the exact location of the Sanctuary which is located inside the mountain.

You will find a gate on the backside if you keep walking behind the old trail. With that, the Here Be Monsters quest in Final Fantasy 16 will come to an end.

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