Final Fantasy 16 Headwind Walkthrough

Headwind is a very combat intensive main quest in Final Fantasy 16. There isn't much to do in this quest but you'll have to fight a lot.

Headwind is the 9th main quest that starts after the completion of The Dead of Night quest in Final Fantasy 16. There is a lot of fighting to do in this quest so be prepared.

To start this quest, go to Caer Norvent. Your companions Cid and Torgal will accompany you during this quest. You will be tasked to infiltrate the Caer Norvent Castle and the quest will take off. Here is how you can complete the Headwind quest in this game.

How to complete Headwind in FF16 

Find the Captives 

The FFXVI Headwind quest begins with the search for captives. You will look through all the cells in the Caer Norvent Castle Dungeon but none of them will have any prisoners. Eventually, you’ll encounter a large door and you’ll open it with Cid.  

This door will lead to a room filled with loyalists which you’ll need to take out. There will be another door in the room which will lead you to another room filled with enemies.

Now the game will tell you that it is best to keep a low profile here. As such, you can squeeze out of the window on the left wall.  

Now you will be presented with two paths that lead to next the objective. The first path is through the stairs well on the right. The second path is the left, through the castle balcony. Both paths contain similar loot and enemies.  

If you want to get maximum XP from this quest, you can clear one path and then come back to clear the other. Both of these paths lead to the door behind which a Royal Tognvalr is waiting for you. 

Defeat Royal Tognvaldr 

In order to progress further, you must defeat Royal Tognvaldr in FFXVI. He is a large Knight armed with a longsword. You can easily defeat Tognvaldr by overwhelming him with a flurry of attacks to fill his stun bar.

Most of his attacks don’t deal much damage. But watch out for his fire breath move since it’s the most devastating one. After you fill his stun bar, unleash all you move on him to drain his HP.        

Defeat Suparna and Chirada 

After defeating the Royal Tognvaldr, make your way to the Chapel. Here you will fight Chirada and Suparna. Chirada is the same boss that you would have already encountered in Louder than Words quest.

Suparna looks similar to Chirada but has a different move set. All its attacks are projectiles that can be easily avoided. Hence, focus on Chirada first then take down Suparna.    

Pursue Benedikta 

After defeating Suparna and Chirada in FFXVI, follow the marker on your map to proceed to a new area. Along your way, loot every corner for items and potions as there is a big boss fight ahead.  

You will also encounter some enemies in your way. Take down the enemy mages first as they can heal other enemies and then focus on the others. The final wave of enemies will also contain another Royal Tognvaldr 

Defeat Benedikta 

Now you will have reached the top of Caer Norvent Castle in FFXVI and this is where the final boss fight will begin. This fight is filled with quick time events so stay ready to press the buttons shown on the screen. Make proper use of all the potions in your inventory.

This boss has two phases. In the second phase, Benedikta turns into an Eikon and starts flying around the battlefield. Focus on filling her stun bar by chaining your abilities. 

Headwind rewards in Final Fantasy 16

For completing this quest, you will not be given any reward like most main quests in Final Fantasy 16. However, you do gain a lot of XP after defeating all the enemies in this quest.  

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