How To Get Genji Gloves In Final Fantasy 16

There are several reasons why you are looking to find the Genji Gloves or are wondering what makes them so special in Final Fantasy 16.

There are several reasons why you are either looking to find the Genji Gloves or are wondering what makes them so special in Final Fantasy 16.

To start off, they are one of the most powerful accessories you can hope to get your hands on in the game. Secondly, they are extremely rare because you can neither craft nor reinforce them.

Slipping your hands into these gloves increases your overall damage by 5 percent from all sources. Beat the game once and starting a NG+ playthrough will further increase that to 10 percent.

Hence, when you do get the Genji Gloves, it makes for something special in Final Fantasy 16.

Genji Gloves location in Final Fantasy 16

That massive damage-increase buff is not going to come without challenges. The location of Genji Gloves is only revealed during a quest in Final Fantasy 16.

Start off by completing the Back to Their Origin quest. This is a prerequisite to unlocking the gloves. Following that you need to collect a total of 2,365 Renown for the Patron’s Whisper.

You can access the Patron’s Whisper by talking to the Desiree at The Hideaway. Once you have collected the required amount of Renown for the Genji Gloves, they will appear on the list to be bought.

Remember that collecting that much Renown is a difficult task, which is why it can most easily be done in the endgame. This is because, at this time, you have access to more side quests and Notorious Marks.

In addition, completing the main story quests rewards you with a ton of Renown as well. The last few quests in the last chapter in particular grant a lot of Renown.

Note that once you acquire the Genjo Gloves in FF16, you won’t be able to upgrade them until you start the New Game+. In this mode, you will have the option to upgrade them and increase their damage output to 10%

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