How To Use Ramuh Abilities In Final Fantasy 16

Ramuh in Final Fantasy 16 belongs to the lightning element and is controlled by his dormant, Cidolfus Telamon, commonly known as Cid.

Ramuh belongs to the godly creatures in Final Fantasy 16, known as Eikons. Ramuh is basically a lightning element and is controlled by his dormant, Cidolfus Telamon, commonly known as Cid. Cid is a mercenary who saves Clive’s life during A Chance Encounter main quest.

Ramuh can be unlocked during the main quest, Cid the Outlaw. Unlike the other summons where you must wait until the next chapter to access the newly acquired Eikon’s abilities, Ramuh’s can be unlocked and accessed out of the gate. Doing so will enable Clive to use many lightning skills he inherited from Ramuh in FF16.

How to use Ramuh in FF16

Ramuh can’t be summoned for lacking direct association with Clive and his element. However, Clive can still unlock and access his abilities to use in combat.

Ramuh’s Eikonic abilities

Below is a detailed list of Ramuh’s abilities alongside their brief description in Final Fantasy XVI.

  • Pile Drive: This AoE attack allows Clive to slam Ramuh’s staff into the ground, electrocuting surrounding enemies for shock damage and staggering them.
  • Lightning Drive: This projectile attack summons a ball of lightning. Upon making contact with an enemy, this ball electrocutes them and creates chains of lightning affecting surrounding enemies too.
  • Blind Justice: This homing skill summons many lightning balls and can be attached to enemies by targeting them beforehand. Once discharged remotely, this lightning deals extra damage to the enemies they are attached to.
  • Judgment Bolt: This summoning skill allows Clive to create a bolt of lightning from the heavens and use it to inflict massive damage upon one enemy.
  • Thunderstorm: This skill summons a cloud over an enemy and strikes it with multiple bolts in Final Fantasy 16. It also damages other enemies that come in contact with the afflicted enemy.

Tips on using Ramuh’s abilities in Final Fantasy 16

Ramuh’s skills have high attack damage and staggering ability. Using Pile Drive skill, Clive can save himself from being ganged up by enemies. The AoE attack can be enhanced by chaining enemies with lightning using Lightning Drive.

Ramuh’s skills in FF16 lack mobility but are compensated with significant damage against one enemy using Judgment Bolt. This skill can prove devastating against staggered bosses. A Thunderstorm can inflict damage on far enemies without encountering them head-on.

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