How To Use Phoenix Eikon Abilities In Final Fantasy 16

Phoenix in Final Fantasy 16 is the primary Eikon of Fire in Valisthea, held by the monarch of the Kingdom of Rosaria.

Phoenix in Final Fantasy 16 is the primary Eikon of Fire in Valisthea, held by the monarch of the Kingdom of Rosaria. The dominant of Phoenix is Joshua, Clive’s younger brother, and heir to the throne, and he is the only one who can summon Phoenix at will.

As Joshua’s shield, Clive has access to Phoenix’s abilities from the beginning of the FF16. You use its abilities during the Sunrise, Sunset quest. However, Clive can only use these skills during the second story mission, Lost in a Fog. There are no prerequisites to unlock this summon in Final Fantasy XVI.

How to use Phoenix in FF16

Being a secondary user, Clive can’t summon Eikon Phoenix in Final Fantasy 16 in its full majesty except for a few pre-determined boss sections. However, this doesn’t stop Clive from using the abilities he has inherited from it.

Phoenix’s Eikonic abilities

Phoenix’s summon grants Clive access to many varied skills belonging to the Fire element in FF16. All these skills are below with their unique abilities.

  • Rising Flames: This offensive skill converts Clive into a one-winged angel who can launch weaker enemies into the air with the help of a fiery wing.
  • Heatwave: Clive summons a defensive wall of lava to protect him from incoming projectile attacks. This wall can be sent as shockwaves to attack enemies. Heatwave strength with the number of projectiles it absorbs.
  • Flames of Rebirth: It is a healing and damage-dealing ability that helps Clive restores HP and deal damage to nearby opponents.
  • Scarlet Cyclone: This offensive ability of Phoenix in FF16 allows Clive to spin with flames around his body to deal fire damage.
  • Phoenix Shift: This traversal skill allows Clive to close the gap between him and his enemies using the dash. It also allows Clive to use projectile and melee attacks while shifting.

Tips on using Phoenix’s abilities in Final Fantasy 16

Phoenix’s abilities unlock the earliest in the game and serve as Clive’s primary offense and defense. Use Scarlet Cyclone to dispel the surrounding enemies and Heatwave to protect Clive against sorcerers. Flames of rebirth help in crowd control. Rising Flames, in conjunction with Phoenix Shift, can target single damage for maximum punishment.

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