How to Find and Defeat Carrot Notorious In Final Fantasy 16

Carrot Notorious Mark is unlocked after you complete the "Like Father Like Daughter" main mission in Final Fantasy 16.

Carrot Notorious Mark is unlocked after you complete the “Like Father Like Daughter” main mission in Final Fantasy 16. This hunt will appear on the Hunts Board in Hideaway during the “Please, Sir, can I have some Morbol” side quest in FF16.

It is a bigger version of the Morbol that you must have encountered by now in FFXVI. Just follow our guide; taking out this enemy will not be an issue for you.

Carrot location in Final Fantasy 16

You can find Carrot in Rosaria. Here, start at Three Reeds obelisk and head east. After crossing the narrow path, you can head north to enter The Whispering Waters, where Carrot can be found. You can mount Chocobo to cover the distance quickly.

How to defeat Carrot in FF16

Carrot is basically a Morbol, and you probably have a lot of experience with them, even if your experience with Carrot is slightly different. It can use Bad Breath, a toxic mist similar to other Morbols. The attack is not as strong as other Morbol attacks, but you still want to avoid it. It’s best to avoid the attack by dodging to the side.

Carrot in Final Fantasy 16 will also use Acid Rain, where acid drops will fall on your location. The puddles where the acid rain lands will linger on the ground, so you must be careful when stepping.

Lastly, Carrot can burrow around the marshes and shoot water bombs at you from afar. You need to keep avoiding the splash zones of the water bombs to stay safe from all damage.

The best attack you can use against Carrot is a fire-based attack. After all, Carrot is a wooden monster, and wood is weak to fire. Fire damage with stagger damage will allow players to stun Carrot and land powerful blows quickly in FF16.


Slaying Carrot in FFXVI gets you the following rewards:

  • 1 Morbol Tendril
  • 20 Renown
  • 10,000 Gil
  • 1 Morbol Flower
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