Who Are The Bearers In Final Fantasy 16?

One group of people you will commonly hear about in Final Fantasy 16 are the Bearers, but it's never made clear who the Bearers are.

One group of people you will commonly hear about in Final Fantasy 16 are the Bearers, but it’s never made clear who the Bearers are. The only back story provided about Bearers outright in the game states that Bearers lived peacefully under the rule of Elwin Rosfield but were treated as scum after the fateful night at Phoenix Gate.

Even though Bearers are humans in FFXVI, all others treat them as outcasts and hate them. They force the bearers to work as slaves throughout their life. Here, we will shed light on the Bearers and their history.

Why are Bearers hated in FF16

Other People hate Bearers because they are the humans born with the ability to use magic without having to use crystals and can write on the Aether.

For this purpose, they force Bearers to do magic on behalf of the general populace. They do it to save the supply of crystals. Even though Bearers and Branded have almost free access to all sorts of magic, using too much magic negatively affects the Bearers.

The hate for Bearers in the society of Final Fantasy 16 is so much that parents will abandon their children if they turn out to be Bearers.

Aftermaths of using magic without crystals

As Bearers use magic in FF16, their body slowly petrifies. As petrification continues, Bearers suffer immense pain and begin losing mobility and freedom of their body. They continue to suffer from this terrible ailment until death takes them.

Bearers, Branded, and Dominants are all doomed to suffer the same fate if they go overboard with their abilities.

Place of Bearers in the story of Final Fantasy 16

In Final Fantasy 16, the main character you see is Clive, the protagonist himself. Clive is a Branded Bearer, and you see the remaining Bearers trying to fight against the Empire who have suppressed them for so long.

The Bearers are trying to fight for the people who protected them, choosing to die fighting for their freedom rather than dying as enslaved people. Unfortunately, the Bearers are losing due to their small number and the painful result of using too much magic.

Difference between Bearers, Branded, and Dominants

Some bearers in FF16 have black brands across their face to mark them. Bearers with these marks on their faces are Branded. This mark makes them stand out from the rest of the population.

Some Branded tries to have their marks surgically removed, but these operations often leave the Branded with horrible scars, which become a dead giveaway of their origins. Removing one’s mark is extremely painful and can even poison the Branded if it enters the bloodstream.

Some Bearers form deep connections with Eikons, powerful mythic beasts who can grant godly powers to humans in Final Fantasy XVI. These Bearers are Dominants and suffer the same fate if they use their magical abilities and Eikons too much.

Either way, the general population of Valisthea hates all types of Bearers in Final Fantasy 16.

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