Final Fantasy 16 Ahriman Notorious Mark Hunts Guide

The Ahriman is a giant one-eyed creature with a creepy face and bat wings you will encounter during a main quest in Final Fantasy 16.

The Ahriman is a giant one-eyed creature with a creepy face and bat wings in Final Fantasy 16. It is the first C-rank monster you will encounter during a main quest. However, the Ahriman is not as fast as some other beasts you will encounter in the later hunts.

Our guide will brief you about the Ahriman and how to hunt him down in FF16.

Ahriman location in Final Fantasy 16

The Ahrimark is the first Notorious Mark you will encounter in FF16. It is a rank C enemy with a level of 25. You will face Ahriman during The Gathering Storm main quest in the Imperial Province of Rosaria in the east of the Glaidemond Abbey.

How to take defeat Ahriman in FF16

The most annoying thing about Ahriman is its mobility, and the worse part is that Ahriman can teleport when it is overwhelmed by your attacks and surprise attack you from behind. It is very irritating to fight Ahriman like this, but one thing you can do to deal significant damage is aim for its eyeball.

You need good focus to pull every attack on Ahriman in Final Fantasy 16. You must dodge many of its attacks frequently, especially its laser attacks. One of the favorite attacks of Ahriman is its Doom Cast, in which he will strike four giant orbs at you.

You have to avoid these orbs before it explodes, or it will one hit kill you. Also, remember that a green boundary will be placed during the fight, which acts as an arena. If you step out of the green line, it will turn red, and the fight will restart.

To simplify it, you must dodge its attack and look for the best moment to attack Ahriman to defeat it in FF16.


When you will defeat Ahriman, here are the following rewards you will get:

  • 200 Experience
  • 35 Ability Points
  • 5000 Gil
  • 10 Renown
  • Magicked Ash x 10
  • Meteorite x 1
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