Final Fantasy 15 Update 1.26 Brings Crossover With Terra Wars

Square Enix has rolled out a a brand new Final Fantasy 15 Update alongside a new trailer of the game. It includes the crossover content with Terra Wars.

Just recently Square Enix rolled out a brand new Final Fantasy 15 Update and this, ain’t no regular update. This one brings with it, the privilege of crossover.

Alongside a brand new trailer to accompany this update, the update itself has also been released. The update is number 1.26 and is available for all platforms.

The Final Fantasy 15 update includes the crossover content which was announced during Tokyo Game Show 2018. The update has added an info menu to the title screen and as mentioned above and we get a complete single player questline crossover with Terra Wars which will be playable during chapter five.

Moreover, the crossover content also includes some cosmetics items for the fans, which adds music tracks for the Regalia’s radio from Shadow of the Tomb Raider, as well as the mobile game DJ Nobunaga.

For those do not know about Terra Wars, it is an upcoming mobile game by Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Mistwalker Corporation.

Having said that the amazing trailer that has rolled out with Final Fantasy 15 Update 1.26. This is an extended trailer by Square Enix, in which we meet Sara from the Terra universe.

Final Fantasy 15 rolled out back in 2016 and shocking as it may seem the game has been a little too successful. In fact, it has exceeded quite a lot of expectations of many from the gaming industry.

The official Japanese site of Square Enix last month uploaded product info on their page, and from there we came to know that Final Fantasy 15 had reached 7.7 million sales worldwide, by the month of August.

So considering the fact that the month of September is about to end and provided this recent Final Fantasy 15 Update is here, it seems to reason that the sales must be booming even more.

Final Fantasy 15 is an open-world action adventure game developed by Square Enix for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.