Final Fantasy 15 Steam Workshop Integration Will Come With PC Port

In a follow-up to the article we posted yesterday about nude mods in Final Fantasy, Square Enix has announced that there will be Final Fantasy 15 Steam Workshop integration with the game’s PC port. This means that the game will have an easy way to download mods right into its coding.

Steam Workshop is a mod browser that allows people to upload various mods to Steam and run them on a certain game that’s integrated with the service. With the simple click of a button, a mod can be downloaded and kept up-to-date without the cumbersome process of having to delete the old version of the mod and put in the new version in its place.

Along with being put up on Steam, the Final Fantasy 15 PC port will also be coming to EA’s Origin service, though it’s still unclear on how exactly the modding portion of the game will work on that, since Origin doesn’t have a Workshop equivalent.

Either way, there are likely going to be a great many different mods that are posted for the game due to the Final Fantasy 15 Steam Workshop integration. This means that the mods could be anything from different weapons to different clothes, to different kinds of cars to replace the Regalia, to messing with game mechanics, to making every character naked.

Stuff like this was actually a topic of some serious discussion with the Final Fantasy 15 development team, who along with the ethics of making characters naked were also concerned about mods “ruining” the world they worked so hard to create. However, eventually Hajime Tabata and the rest of the studio decided to let it happen anyway.

The Final Fantasy 15 PC port will be releasing sometime in early 2018, so hopefully around that point we’ll be able to see how many mods become available for the port.