How to Fix Error Code 2002 in Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker

In this guide, we will be telling you about the most recent error that’s plaguing players in Final Fantasy 14, Error Code 2002. We’ll tell you exactly how to fix Error Code 2002 so that you can continue playing Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker expansion with no trouble.

How to Fix Error Code 2002 in Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker

As you know Final Fantasy XIV’s recent expansion Endwalker’s early access just launched and some of the players are facing issues like long queue times and error codes sending them all the way back.

A particularly troublesome error is error 2002. Below we’ll tell you what exactly this error is and how to go about fixing error 2002 in FF14 Endwalker.

What is Error Code 2002

Error Code 2002 appears when traffic trying to connect to the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker servers is more than the server capacity and to prevent the server crash the system show this error on the screen.

Like you may know the traffic handling capacity of a single login queue is around 17,000 and when the number of players increases than that number you are most likely to see an error code.

This error is because Square Enix wants to prevent its server from crashing because of traffic overload. The developers have increased the simultaneous logins capacity and 30 minute AFK timer to decrease the server congestion.

How to Fix Error Code 2002

The first thing you can do after getting error 2002 in FF14 Endwalker is waiting for a few minutes and try again. Since they are now offering 30 minutes AFK times and simultaneous logins, players are logging in and out frequently.

So just wait and little and try again this will help in stopping that nasty error again. The developers also apologize for the error and asked players to wait a while before trying again.

They are working to fix the problem and server capacity may increase after some time but till then you have to wait and try the solution which we had suggested to you.

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