FIFA Games Feature a Hidden System That Allows AI to Cheat, Supports Weaker Teams

FIFA Games are not as fair as they should be as there is a hidden system in place that allows AI to cheat its way to a win in FIFA 18, and previous releases

The Fifa Ultimate Team does, in fact, have a system that helps weaker teams. This is no speculation or rumor, it has finally been confirmed by an official source. It comes directly from an Italian Official service operator EA. This person the name of whose has yet to be disclosed has confirmed the existence of a script that assists weaker players in online matches.

For so many, this is no surprise as the gameplay difference in FUT was quite evident to many. As proof we have attached the transcription of the operator (without the name of course) :
The operator or as we call him the Knight of Truth, wanted this problem to be addressed to the “moderators of the forum in the hope that it would reach the ears of the developers.”

Thus I ask all my fellow FIFA fans to take this issue with the seriousness that it deserves. To let EA get away with unduly ruining the fundamentals of sports and cheating the players for so many years. This is just a disgrace and a slap in the face of the entire FIFA community.

As consumers we deserve transparency and we deserve fair play. How can EA even begin to explain a betrayal of this stature? The only logical conclusion one gets is the greed of EA which has been much media attention lately.

To ask for an official clarification from the developers is not too much to ask under such circumstances but to do so we need to put some pressure on them. That can’t happen if we let this leak from the headquarters slip. It is time to formally remove corporate greed from the entire gaming community.

The latest FIFA 18 features the same system that is now at the center of controversy. EA, it seems, just can’t get a break.

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