FIFA 23 Unable To Save Personal Settings Error Fix

If you are unable to save your personal settings in FIFA 23, allow us to provide some potential fixes for this error.

The most frustrating thing a gamer can encounter is when their game refuses to save their personal progress, resetting all that hard work. Something similar is plaguing the newly launched FIFA 23 where the game is unable to save the player’s personal settings.

How to fix FIFA 23 being unable to save personal settings

Unfortunately, there is no official fix for issue yet but you can try different solutions that might or might not work for you. Here are the fixes for FIFA 23 Unable to Save Personal Settings Error.

Verification of file integrity

For Steam head to your Library and right-click on properties for the FIFA 23 game. Click on local files and choose to verify the integrity of game files.

For origin go to your Library and right-click on FIFA 23. Proceed to click on repair.

Allowing firewall access

The anti-cheat might not be getting firewall access on your PC. A potential fix for the error might be allowing the app to run on Windows Firewall. Simply open it Windows Firewall and add the file “EAAntiCheatGameServiceLauncher”.

Deleting the save folder

Head to My Documents on your PC and delete the FIFA 23 folder but make sure to create a BACKUP first.

Run FIFA 23 and see if the error persists. If it doesn’t your save might be corrupted. Unfortunately, there is no way to Un-Corrupt it in that case until EA fixes the issue.

Reinstll the game

If all else fails uninstall FIFA 23 and then reinstall it again. This should get you a playable game.

In the case that all of the potential solutions don’t work, you’re going to have to try patience. EA will have to address and fix this bug and it might take a while for them to update the game accordingly.

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