FIFA 23 Best Right Back (RB) in Game [Top 10]

In FIFA 23, one of the essential positions is right-back (RB). The players who are assigned this position play as...

In FIFA 23, one of the essential positions is right-back (RB). The players who are assigned this position play as full-back defenders. They play on the front-right of the goalkeeper and are the last line of defense before the goalkeeper. However, their defense strategy is highly reactive, and they can position themselves around according to the situation.

Most players placed at RB are right-footed and have high defensive stats and high stamina to keep up with the enemy strikers. Just by gauging these abilities, you can judge which players are well-suited to play on RB.

This guide will highlight the top 10 RB players for you to consider adding to your squad in FIFA 23

Best Right Back (RB) players in FIFA 23

Player Club OVR Rating
Joao Cancelo Manchester City 88
Trent Alexander-Arnold Liverpool 87
Dani Carvajal Real Madrid 85
Kyle Walker Manchester City 85
Achraf Hakimi Paris Saint-Germain 85
Kieran Trippier Newcastle United 84
Jesus Navas Sevilla FC 84
Ricardo Pereira Leicester City 84
Reece James Chelsea 84
Juan Cuadrado Juventus 83

Joao Cancelo (Manchester City, OVR Rating 88)

He is undoubtedly the best RB in the game as far as overall ratings are concerned. His brilliant playstyle has gained him an 88 rating which is the highest in his class of players.

Cancelo can be originally packed as a left-back in the game however he can play on both flanks and has the option to be converted to RB using a Position Modifier.

All aspects of his game are outstanding: the pace at which he moves, the accuracy of his passes, and his dribbling are in a league of their own. Having him on your team will surely give you an edge.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool, OVR Rating 87)

Trent is the highest-rated base RB in the game. His greatest strengths include an excellent 89 Passing stat and great Dribbling and Defending stats.

Though the Liverpool man falls short in a few departments, namely Pace and Physicality, however using a Shadow chem style can help make up for the lack of pace and make him a viable RB option.

Kyle Walker (Manchester City, OVR Rating 85)

Kyle Walker is the best base RB in FIFA 23 considering his in-game viability in the current meta and highest total stats for base RBs (Total Stats 2196).

The player has all the right stats needed for a great defender in FIFA, the Man City Englishman boasts an outrageous 92 Pace stat and great Defending and Strength stats of 80 and 82.

Achraf Hakimi (Paris Saint Germain, OVR Rating 85)

Acharf Hakimi has always been a meta RB option in FIFA owing to his devastating Pace. Once again in FIFA 23, the Moroccan is among the elite base RB options owing to his 91 Pace and 84 Crossing stats.

With the new chemistry system implemented in FIFA, the PSG man will also help provide all important chemistry points with teammates and meta FIFA players Neymar and Mbappé.

Reece James (Chelsea, OVR Rating 84)

Reece James is another great option for RB on your team. Though originally an RWB in the game, the Chelsea defender can be switched out to RB using a Position Modifier.

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