FIFA 23 Best Players (Top 10)

There are some incredible players in FIFA 23, no doubt, but some are better than others on a comparative scale...

There are some incredible players in FIFA 23, no doubt, but some are better than others on a comparative scale depicted by their ratings. This guide will provide you with the Top 10 best players in FIFA 23.

Best players to pick in FIFA 23

The following are some of the best players for your consideration in FIFA 23. Most of the names below will be pretty obvious for FIFA fans since Lionel Messi leads, along with Robert Lewandowski, Kylian Mbappé, Karim Benzema, and Kevin De Bruyne. For the sake clarity though, we have arranged the players according to their roles and positions.

Best GoalKeeper

Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer has a solid overall rating of 90, which spots him among the top ten players in FIFA 23. The Bayern Munich veteran is without a doubt the best goalkeeper in football history.

Manuel Neuer, despite being 36 years old, does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. He also won his tenth consecutive Bundesliga title, which should be enough to convince you to add him to your FUT roster.

Neuer has the following stats in FIFA 23:

  • Pace – 87
  • Shooting – 88
  • Passing – 91
  • Dribbling – 88
  • Defense – 56
  • Physical – 91

Best Center-Back

Virgil van Dijk

Virgil van Dijk emerged from his injury stronger and more exhorting. Who would have thought he’d make such a strong comeback, finishing in the top 10 of FIFA 23?

Virgil’s current form is a blip and he’ll improve further; this fact earns him a spot in the top ten players in FIFA 23, despite not looking like the best center-back.

Surely, he will accomplish something great soon to silence the critics, and EA recognized that spark in him and gave him an overall rating of 90.

The stats for Virgil are listed below.

  • Pace – 81
  • Shooting – 60
  • Passing – 71
  • Dribbling – 72
  • Defense – 91
  • Physical – 86

Best Left-Back

João Cancelo

The Portuguese left-back dominates the FIFA 23 ranking in this particular category. He plays for the English Premier League giants Manchester City.

Cancelo is a versatile player who can play left-back and wing-back, providing his team an edge over others.

Cancelo is good on the ball, provides some great passes, defends like a wall, and leads the team on the pitch.

Due to this, he’s been rated as the highest in the Left-Back position. His stats are given below.

  • Pace – 86
  • Shooting – 75
  • Passing – 86
  • Dribbling – 86
  • Defense – 82
  • Physical – 75

Best Right-Back

Kyle Walker

For the right reason, Kyle Walker is the highly-rated right back in the game. His high pace and defensive ability make him perfect for offense and defense.

His stamina rating ensures that he can play for a long time without losing his juices. Moreover, he can join the team on the offense and provide some grand openings.

Kyle Walker can out-muscle many attackers in the right back position and be the shield in the aerial fight. Kyle is a complete package for the right-back position; his stats below indicate that.

  • Pace – 91
  • Shooting – 63
  • Passing – 77
  • Dribbling – 78
  • Defense – 80
  • Physical – 82

Best Defensive Midfielder

Carlos Henrique Venancio Casemiro

Casemiro recently joined Manchester United from Real Madrid. He was a force to reckon with in his old team, and he continued his form in the unit of Manchester United.

Casemiro creates opportunities for offense and covers areas when his teammates are not around. He provides a cushion for his full-back teammates. Casemiro’s form might be the missing puzzle in the Manchester United team.

His stats show why he is considered to be the best Defensive Midfielder.

  • Pace – 63
  • Shooting – 73
  • Passing – 75
  • Dribbling – 72
  • Defense – 87
  • Physical – 90

Best Central Midfielder

Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne was named Premier League Player of the Season for the most recent season, and FIFA agrees, evidenced by his overall rating of 91.

Given his recent form and performances over the months, his ratings are bound to go up, so he’s the MVP in any FUT. Here’s a look into Bruyne’s stats.

  • Pace – 74
  • Shooting – 88
  • Passing – 93
  • Dribbling – 87
  • Defense – 64
  • Physical – 77

Best Left Winger

Neymar da Silva Santos Jr.

Neymar needs no introduction, as he’s among the most talented players. He’s part of the best trio of PSG and proves lethal on the field.

Neymar’s ability to dribble and shoot makes him great. He can bypass any world-class defender on his good day and put his team on the winning foot.

Let’s see if Neymar can bring a European title for his club this year and prove the rating given by EA Sports to be the right decision.

  • Pace – 87
  • Shooting – 83
  • Passing – 85
  • Dribbling – 93
  • Defense – 37
  • Physical – 61

Best Right Winger

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian King, continued his excellent form from the previous year by returning to the FIFA top ten. He had an incredible season and is currently regarded as the best player in the world.

Although his stats suggest he has been struggling recently, his form is strong, and he has a 90 overall rating, making him one of the best players in the game.

Here’s a look at Mohamed Salah’s statistics.

  • Pace – 90
  • Shooting – 89
  • Passing – 82
  • Dribbling – 90
  • Defense – 45
  • Physical – 75

Best Second Striker

Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe retained an overall rating of 91 as last year. He is an absolute speedster with a pace rating of 97, and that alone is enough to crush any opponent.

Mbappe is a total beast of the game and a must-have in any FUT. In FIFA 23, Mbappe has the following stats.

  • Pace – 97
  • Shooting – 89
  • Passing – 80
  • Dribbling – 92
  • Defense – 36
  • Physical – 76

Best Central Striker

Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski had an exceptional last term and managed 50 goals in 46 appearances. He has recently been the most consistent No.9 in world football and boasts a 91 rating.

Currently, he’s one of the best you can get in FIFA 23 who’s within touching distance of his third successive European Golden Shoe.

Robert Lewandowski is flexing the following stats in FIFA 23.

  • Pace – 75
  • Shooting – 91
  • Passing – 79
  • Dribbling – 86
  • Defense – 44
  • Physical – 83
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