Best FIFA 23 Celebrations To Do

Celebrations in FIFA 23 allow you to show off your pizzazz as you score a goal. However, with well over...

Celebrations in FIFA 23 allow you to show off your pizzazz as you score a goal. However, with well over 100 Celebrations it can be hard to memorize and perform them consistently.

In this guide, we’ll explore all the new and returning Celebrations in FIFA 23 including how you can perform them, including iconic Celebrations like the Griddy and Ronaldo’s Siu.

Before we begin it is important to note that controls are similar for both PS4 and PS5 versions of the game as well as the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game, hence the lists below apply to all versions of the game.

How to do the best FIFA 23 celebrations

While performing the Signature celebration of players, you need to hold X on PlayStation and A on Xbox.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo’s Siu Celebration

Ronaldo performs his signature twirl in the air in this celebration and screams Siu while doing so. To pull this celebration off hold R1 and press circle on PlayStation. On Xbox hold RB and press B.

2. Mohamed Salah Prayer & Kiss the Ground Celebration

In this famous Celebration, Mohammed Salah first prays and then kisses the ground. To perform it, hold L2/LB and then shift the right analog shift to the right.

3. Neymar Hang Loose Goal Celebration

In this Celebration, Neymar lets his body loose and performs a slow dance move. It is performed by holding L1 and moving the right stick up and down.

4. Roberto Firmino’s Low five and flex Celebration

This is a celebration that Roberto performs with a random teammate in FIFA 23. After scoring the goal, you must run and hold the celebration controls, and Roberto will perform it.

5. Mario Balotelli’s Selfie Celebration

In this celebration, Mario Balotelli pulls out his phone to take a group selfie of him and his team. To pull this celebration off, make your way to the stands after scoring a goal.

6. Christian Pulisic’s The Eye of the Tiger Celebration

In this Celebration, Christian Pulisic shows off his Tiger tattoo and covers his face using his arm. Showcasing the iconic Eye of the Tiger. To pull off this celebration simply press X and A on Xbox and Square and X on PlayStation.

7. Diogo Jota’s “The Gamer” Celebration

This is the famous Celebration belonging to Diogo Jota in which he sits down and pretends to be playing FIFA. You need to hold R1 and flick the right analog key right and left to perform it. On Xbox, you can do the same by pressing RB.

8. Kylian Mbappe’s Slide Salute Celebration

In this Celebration, Mbappe runs and performs a slide while saluting with his fingers. You can perform it by holding R1 and the right analog key to the right. If playing on Xbox, you can use RB in place of R1.

9. Conor McGregor’s Arm Swing Celebration

This is a new celebration in FIFA 23 performed by Conor McGregor. In this, he walks like he doesn’t have any bones in his body. You can do it after scoring a goal by holding L1 and flicking the right analog key towards the right and left. If you are playing on Xbox, you can use LB.

10. Christian Pulisic The Griddy Celebration

The most sought-after and toxic Celebration in Fifa 23 was first performed by Christian Pulisica after scoring a goal in the Champions League. You can perform it after scoring the goal by holding the R2 button and flicking the control stick upwards twice.

FIFA 23 celebrations basics and how to do them

CelebrationPlayStation ControlsXbox Controls
Signature CelebrationXA
Random CelebrationOB
Cancel CelebrationL1 + R1RB + LB

FIFA 23 new celebrations and how to do them

In FIFA 23, there are a total of six New Celebration moves that you can execute. All these new celebrations can be done on both PlayStation and Xbox as well as PC.

The list of all the New Celebrations is given below.

  • Eye of the Storm
  • Gamer
  • Arm Swing
  • Eyes and Arms
  • Slide and Flex

FIFA 23 running moves and how to do them

CelebrationPlayStation ControlsXbox Controls
Thumb SuckHold □Hold X
Arms OutTap □ then hold □Tap X then hold X
Wrist FlickTap △ then hold △Tap Y then hold Y
AirplaneHold R3Hold RS
Point to SkyHold R↑Hold R↑
TelephoneHold R↓Hold R↓
Hands OutFlick R→ then hold R←Flick R→ then hold R←
Come On!Flick R← then hold R→Flick R← then hold R→
Blow KissesFlick R↓ then hold R↑Flick R↓ then hold R↑
Double Arm SwingFlick R↑ then hold R↓Flick R↑ then hold R↓
Flying BirdFlick R→ then hold R→Flick R→ then hold R→
Hand on HeadFlick R← then hold R←Flick R← then hold R←
Heart SymbolFlick R↓ then hold R↓Flick R↓ then hold R↓
Arms Pointing UpFlick R↑ then hold R↑Flick R↑ then hold R↑
WindmillSpin R↻ (Full Circle Clockwise)Spin R↻ (Full Circle Clockwise)

FIFA 23 finishing moves and how to do them

 CelebrationPlayStation ControlsXbox Controls
ScissorsHold L1 Press □Hold LB Press X
ChallengeHold L2 Double Tap □Hold LT Double Tap X
Spinning Frog (Offline Only)Hold L2 R↺ (Full Circle Counter-Clockwise)Hold LT R↺ (Full Circle Counter-Clockwise)
One EyeHold R2 Press R3Hold RB Press RS
SwaggerHold R1 Double Tap OHold RT Double Tap B
NailbiterHold R2 Hold R↑Hold RB Hold R↑
PigeonHold R1 Press R3Hold RB Press RS
Guitar DanceHold R1 Flick R↑↑Hold RB Flick R↑ ↑
Knee SlideHold R1 R Flick ← Flick ←Hold RB R Flick ← Flick ←
Speed Walk (Offline Only)Hold L2 R Flick → Flick →Hold LT R Flick → Flick →
Knee Slide SpinHold L1 Spin R↻ (Full Circle Clockwise)Hold LB Spin R↻ (Full Circle Clockwise)
Signature Finishing MovePress XPress A
XHold L1 Flick R↓↓Hold LB Flick R↓↓
Floor SpinHold L1 Spin ↺ (Full Circle Counter-Clockwise)Hold LB Spin ↺ (Full Circle Counter-Clockwise)
TimberHold L2 Press OHold LT Press B
Cell PhoneHold L2 Press □Hold LT Press X
HypnosisHold L2 Press △Hold LT Press Y
Show RespectHold L1 Double Tap OHold LB Double Tap B
Stir the PotHold L2 Double Tap △Hold LT Double Tap Y
Point to the SkyHold L1 Press OHold LB Press B
Spanish DanceHold L2 Flick R ↑↑Hold LT Flick R ↑↑
World BeaterHold R1 Double Tap △Hold RB Double Tap Y
The SaluteHold R1 Press △Hold RB Press Y
MannequinHold L2 Hold R↑Hold LT Hold R↑
I Can’t Hear YouHold L2 Hold R→Hold LT Hold R→
HeartHold L2 Hold R↓Hold LT Hold R↓
Brick FallHold L2 Hold R←Hold LT Hold R←
PipeHold L2 Flick R↑↓Hold LT Flick R↑↓
ScorpionHold L2 Flick R←→Hold LT Flick R←→
TeaHold L2 Flick R→←Hold LT Flick R→←
NeighbourhoodHold L2 Flick R↓↓Hold LT Flick R↓↓
Knee Slide FailHold L2 Flick R←←Hold LT Flick R←←
MaskHold L1 Flick R↑↑Hold LB Flick R↑↑
Break DanceHold R1 Flick R→→Hold RB Flick R→→
Riding the WaveHold L1 Press △Hold LB Press Y
Relax (Offline Only)Hold R2 Hold R←Hold RT Hold R←
Eye of the StormHold R1 Spin R↺ (Full Circle Counter-Clockwise)Hold RB Spin R↺ (Full Circle Counter-Clockwise)
Uncontrolled BackflipHold R2 Spin R↻ (Full Circle Clockwise)Hold RT Spin R↻ (Full Circle Clockwise)
HandstandHold R2 Spin R↺ (Full Circle Counter-Clockwise)Hold RT Spin R↺ (Full Circle Counter-Clockwise)
Hop & PointHold R2 – R Flick ↓ Flick ↓Hold RT – R Flick ↓ Flick ↓
Knee Slide DragHold L1 Flick R ↓↑Hold LB Flick R ↓↑
KOHold L1 Double Tap □Hold LB Double, Tap X
Right Here Right NowHold R1 Press OHold RB Press B
Surf and FlexHold L2 Flick R↓↑Hold LT Flick R↓↑
Stand TallHold R1 R Hold ←Hold RB R Hold ←
Little BrotherHold L2 Double Tap OHold LT Double Tap B
FingersHold L2 Press R3Hold LT Press RS
Kiss The GroundHold R2 Hold R→Hold RT Hold R→
DisbeliefHold R2 Hold R↓Hold RT Hold R↓
BackflipsHold R2 Double Tap □Hold RT Double Tap X
PeaceHold R1 Double Tap □Hold RB Double Tap X
Waddle (Offline Only)Hold L2 Spin R↻ (Full Circle Clockwise)Hold LT Spin R↻ (Full Circle Clockwise)
Golf SwingHold R1 Flick R←→Hold RB Flick R ←→
MatadorHold R2 Flick R↓↑Hold RT Flick R ↓↑
GogglesHold R2 Flick R↑↓Hold RT Flick R↑↓
DanceHold R2 Flick R→←Hold RT Flick R→←
GamerHold R1 Flick R→←Hold RB Flick R→←
The WormHold R1 + Spin R↻ (Full Circle Clockwise)Hold RB + Spin R↻ (Full Circle Clockwise)
Tea For TwoHold R1 Flick R↓↓Hold RB Flick R↓↓
Eyes And Arms (The Griddy)Hold R2 Flick R↑↑Hold RT Flick R↑↑
Dance & SpinHold R2 Flick R→→Hold RT Flick R→→
PictureHold R2 Press □Hold RT Press B
Cradle SwingHold R2 Press △Hold RT Press Y
Kiss The RingHold R2 Double Tap △Hold RT Double Tap Y
Flying DiveHold R1 Hold R↑Hold RB Hold R↑
Slide SaluteHold R1 Hold R→Hold RB Hold R→
Slide and FlexHold R1 Hold R↓Hold RB Hold R↓
Big PersonHold L1 Hold R→Hold LB Hold R→
The BabyHold L1 Hold R←Hold LB Hold R←
Walk Like MeHold L1 Flick R←→Hold LB Flick R←→
Giddy UpHold L1 Press R3Hold LB Press RS
Calm Down/Calma (Offline Only)Hold L1 Double Tap △Hold LB Double Tap Y
Phone It InHold L1 Hold R↑Hold LB Hold R↑
MotorbikeHold L1 Hold R↓Hold LB Hold R↓
Hang LooseHold L1 Flick R↑↓Hold LB Flick R↑↓
Arm SwingHold L1 Flick R→←Hold LB Flick R→←
PointHold L1 Flick R→→Hold LB Flick R→→
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