FIFA 23 Best Center Back (CB) in Game [TOP 10]

In this guide, we’ll be looking at the top 10 CB players in FIFA 23, arranged by their overall rating.

One of the crucial positions in FIFA 23 is the Center-Back (CB) position. Center-backs usually play right ahead of the Goal Keeper, and they play a central role in defense. Their job is to stop the opposing team’s players, especially strikers, from scoring.

Naturally, when looking for a good Center-back, you need to look for players with high defensive stats, fairly tall, and good jumping ability. All these stats combine to make a player’s overall stats, which you can look at to have a fair estimate of how good they are.

This guide will look at the top 10 best Center Backs (CB)s in FIFA 23, arranged by their overall rating.

Best Center Back (CB) players in FIFA 23

Name Club OVR Rating
Virgil van Dijk Liverpool 90
Marquinhos Paris Saint-Germain 88
Rúben Dias Manchester City 88
Antonio Rüdiger Real Madrid 87
Kalidou Koulibaly Chelsea FC 87
Aymeric Laporte Manchester City 86
David Alaba Real Madrid 86
Thiago Silva Chelsea FC 86
Milian Skriniar Inter Milan 86
Metthijs de Ligt Bayern Munich 85

Top 5 best Center-Back (CB) players

Virgil Van Dijk (Liverpool, OVR 90)

Leading the CBs with the highest OVR Rating of 90, we have the 31-year-old Virgil Van Dijk. This beast of a player was considered to be one of the best defenders from Liverpool to exist.

Due to his ACL injury last season in Liverpool, many started to think he wouldn’t last that much. Although he did start the season off a bit rusty, he did show his real dominance later on, granting him a well-deserved overall rating of 90.

Virgil Van Dijk can be a great pick for your team if you’re looking for the best CBs in FIFA 23 considering his high stats and expertise in strength, positioning, and pacing.

Marquinhos (Paris Saint-German, OVR 88)

28-year-old Marquinhos has just started his 10th consecutive season at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), a team that spends an astounding amount of money in the transfer market.

Playing for such a team requires quite the skill, and considering he’s the captain of PSG, you can imagine that the level of skill and determination he has for the game is off the charts.

Marquinhos, to the day, still remains one of the best picks for FIFA 23 players who want any League 1 or Brazilian players on their team.

Rúben Dias (Manchester City, OVR 88)

Rúben Dias is 25 years of age and also with an overall rating of 88 following Marquinhos. At the young age of 22, Rúben was able to move from the Primeira League to the Premier League, which is quite impressive.

Moreover, he also won the Premier League Player of the Year Award shortly after, in the season that followed.

What Rúben Dias was able to accomplish at such a young age is not a minor deal. It takes a great amount of skill, which rightly makes him one of the best players for your team in FIFA 23.

Antonio Rüdiger (Real Madrid, OVR 87)

Antonio Rüdiger falls just below Rúben Dias and Marquinhos with an overall rating of   87. Initially playing for Chelsea, Antonio moved over to Real Madrid, which often requires a large deal of money.

This was not the case here though, as Antonio’s contract with Chelsea had expired, so they received nothing for him in return, which affected the club greatly as he was considered to be one of the best CBs in the league.

With such a high overall rating and high stats in terms of sprint speed, Antonio remains one of the best picks for players who are looking for a good Center Back in FIFA 23.

Kalidou Koulibaly (Chelsea FC, OVR 87)

Kalidou Koulibaly is often considered by many people to be one of the best defenders that ever lived.

With that much hype around him, Napoli initially raised their prices for him to what was supposed to be around £80m. But, shortly after things calmed down, Chelsea was able to sign the player free from Napoli for around £30m.

Even though Kalidou didn’t start off as well with Chelsea according to expectations, he still remains one of the best defenders there is, and with an overall rating of 87 in FIFA 23, who wouldn’t want him on their team?

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