FIFA 23 10 Chemistry SBC Solution

If you are running short on coins, completing squad building challenges in FIFA 23 is a good way to earn...

If you are running short on coins, completing squad building challenges in FIFA 23 is a good way to earn a hefty amount easily. One such challenge players can tackle in FIFA 23 is the 10 Chemistry SBC.

Completing these SBCs in FIFA 23 is fast and requires little effort besides game knowledge. However, if you are still unable to figure out how to complete the 10 Chemistry SBC in FIFA 23, allow us to provide the solution.

10 Chemistry SBC requirements

Before you can submit your squad for the 10 Chemistry SBC, you need to meet certain requirements. The requirements are:

  • Minimum Team Chemistry: 10
  • Number of Players allowed in Squad: 5

Seems pretty straightforward but we do need to keep in mind that doing SBCs is pointless if you are spending way more to make the squad than what you will earn back.

FIFA 23 10 Chemistry SBC Solution

The perfect way to approach the 10 Chemistry completion is to reduce the squad cost as much as possible. Even if that means you add pretty average players to your squad, it is ok as long as they meet the Chemistry requirements.

You should try to choose players from a single nationality as being from the same country definitely gives you good chemistry.

One way to do this is to get players who play in the premier league. Try to get players from cheaper regions like Spain. This way you will have to spend less on making your squad and maximize profits.

Ideal player pick we would recommend for 10 Chemistry SBC is:

  • Hugo Duro
  • Oliver Torres
  • Unai Vencedor
  • Junior Firpo
  • Joel Robles

All in all, this squad should cost you less than 2000 FUT and you can easily complete the challenge with it. As a result, you will learn a Jumbo Premium Silver Pack.

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