FIFA 22 Best Midfielders (CAM, CM, CDM)

In this FIFA 22 Best Midfielders guide, we will list all the best CMs, CDMs, and CAMs you can recruit in your Ultimate Team in the latest entry to this venerable series, FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Best Midfielders

In FIFA, midfielders are a key part of the team as they will be anchoring the attack as well as the defense of the team.

Having a good balance of attacking and defensive midfielders is key to creating a fluid team and the midfielders listed below are the best of FIFA 22’s bunch!

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FIFA 22 Best Midfielders (Overall)

In this section, you will find the players which are running this game for years in all the departments. Whether their job is passing the ball or attacking in the game they are best in what they do.

The players with the highest Overall CAMs, CDMs, and CMs can make any team reach the top in FIFA 22. Below you will find some of the best FIFA 22 Midfielders (Overall).

Rank Name Club Rating
1 Kevin De Bruyne Man City 91
2 N’Golo Kante Chelsea 90
3 Joshua Kimmich Bayern 89
4 Casemiro Real Madrid 89
5 Bruno Fernandes Man Utd 88
6 Toni Kroos Real Madrid 88
7 Frenkie de Jong Barcelona 87
8 Paulo Dybala Juventus 87
9 Leon Goretzka Bayern 87
10 Marco Verratti PSG 87
11 Paul Pogba Man Utd 87
12 Thomas Muller Bayern 87
13 Luka Modric Real Madrid 87
14 Rodri Man City 86
15 Marcos Llorente Atletico Madrid 86
16 Bernado Silva Man City 86
17 Fabinho Liverpool 86
18 Parejo Villarreal 86
19 Sergio Busquets Barcelona 86
20 Thiago Alcantara Liverpool 86

FIFA 22 Highest Potential Midfielders

These are incredibly talented mid-field players with the highest potential in FIFA 22. These young players have the potential to upset any team in the game. Below we have provided you with some of the Players with the highest potential in FIFA 22.

Rank Name Club Rating
1 Phil Foden Man City 92
2 Kai Havertz Chelsea 92
3 Frenkie de Jong Barcelona 92
4 Pedri Barcelona 91
5 Ryan Gravenberch Ajax 90
6 Florian Wirtz Leverkusen 89
7 Jude Bellingham Dortmund 89
8 Eduardo Camavinga Real Madrid 89
9 Federico Valverde Real Madrid 89
10 Mason Mount Chelsea 89

FIFA 22 Best Midfielders to Sign in the First Season

Phil Foden – CM/CAM/LW

He is an excellent player from Manchester City with a 5ft 7” height. He has an overall rating of 84. He offers you an acceleration of 86 and stamina of 96. It is one of the best investments you can make in FIFA 22.

Kai Havertz – CAM/CF/CM

Kai is one of the best Midfielder from Chelsea with an overall rating of 84. His height is 6ft 2” with 4-star skill moves. He will cost you over $11m, but the traits offered justify that investment.

Pedri – CM

Pedri is a CM from Barcelona with an overall rating of 81. He offers some brilliant speed and agility in FIFA 22. He is definitely a Midfielder you can invest in.

The acceleration rating is also 81 which is quite good. He has great technical ability, and you will love having him on the team.

Ryan Gravenberch – CDM/CM

He is a 19-year-old midfielder from Wolverhampton Wanderers which you can sign in for over $3.9m. This 6ft 3” tall player has acceleration around 75 and a tech ability of 70.

Jude Bellingham – CM/LM

Jude is a 19 midfielder from Borussia Dortmund with an overall rating of 79. He costs over $43.5m. His stats are pretty impressive. He is an aggressive player with aggression of 82.

Along with that, his agility is also 82 and his acceleration is 78. You can sign him as a great Midfielder in FIFA 22.

Eduardo Camavinga – CDM/CM

He is an 18-year-old Midfielder from Real Madrid with an overall rating of 78. He will cost you over $3,5m but is still a good option to buy.

He is not priced too much and offers good skills at a low price. He comes with an agility of 80 and you can improve his stats as well. This is a good low priced option to have.

Martin Odegaard – CAM/CM

He is a 22-year-old brilliant Midfielder from Arsenal with an overall rating of 82. His Stamina and acceleration are over 80. Martin has some brilliant traits. It will cost you over $57.5m but the start it offers you are still much more than its value.

FIFA 22 Best Meta Midfielders

The Meta Midfielders are not available for free in the game. They are top-end players which you can buy in FIFA 22 to make a strong team. Below some of the Best Meta Midfielders you can buy in FIFA 22 are given along with their price.

Rank Name Club Rating Price
1 Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City 91 115,000 –120,000
2 N’Golo Kante Chelsea 90 550,000 –580,000
3 Joshua Kimmich Bayern Munich 89 30,000 – 35,000
4 Heung Min Son Tottenham Hotspur 89 270,000 –280,000
5 Casemiro Real Madrid 89  20,000 – 27,000
6 Bruno Fernandes Manchester United 88 65,000 – 70,000
7 Toni Kroos Real Madrid 88 15,000 – 20,000
8 Luka Modric Real Madrid  87 15,000 – 17,000
9 Paul Pogba Manchester United  87 20,000 – 21,000
10 Jadon Sancho Manchester United 87 19,000 – 21,000

FIFA 22 Fastest Midfielders

When it comes to strikers and wingers, speed is everything. Speed is something that every player wants in their midfielders so they can move forward and create chances for goals. Below you will find some of the fastest Midfielders in FIFA 22 along with their stats.

Rank Name Club Rating Price
1 Marcos Llorente Atletico Madrid 88 160,000 – 170,000
2 Mohammed Kudus Ajax 88 800 – 1,000
3 Quincy Promes Spartak Moscow  88 850 – 1,000
4 Alejandro Gómez Sevilla 87 4,000 – 5,000
5 Gonzalo Martinez Al Nassr 87 900 – 1,500
6 Alexis Claude-Maurice Nice 87 950 – 1,200
7 Frank Onyeka Brentford 87 750 – 1,000
8 Federico Valverde Real Madrid  86 9,000 – 10,000
9 Roderigo Leeds United 86 850 – 1,000
10 Romarinho Al-Ittihad Club 86 900 – 1,200

FIFA 22 Best CAMs

The Best CAM player in FIFA 22 is Manchester United’s Bruno Fernades. He has high dribbling stat and can easily get through the opponent’s defense. In second place you have the Thomas Muller of Bayern Munich.

Bernardi Silva of Manchester City sits on the third spot here and other players like Alejandro Gomez are moving down from higher spots in previous games.

Below you will find the top 10 CAMs in FIFA 22.

Rank Name Club Rating
1 Bruno Fernades Manchester United 88
2 Thomas Müller Bayern Munich 87
3 Bernardo Silva Manchester City 86
4 David Silva Real Sociedad 85
5 Marco Reus Borussia Dortmund 85
6 Alejandro Gómez Sevilla 85
7 Nabil Fekir Real Betis 84
8 Phil Foden Manchester City 84
9 Kai Havertz Chelsea 84
10 Luis Alberto Latsium 84

FIFA 22 Best CDMs

N’Golo Kante from Chelsea is taking the top CDM spot this year. Kante is a workhorse with top-notch stamina and extreme defensive abilities. He is also faster than Casemiro and Kimmich and has better agility and balance. These high defensive stats make him a must-have player.

Coming next to N’Golo Kante is Joshua Kimmich who was a vital part of Bayern’s winning squad. Kimmich’s high stamina value of 95 allows him to run around the field for the entire match. Kimmich also has an excellent passing score making him a threat in passes for counterattacks.

Casemiro is a beast, with 91 aggression and strength. This, with him being the best defender in FIFA 22, Casemiro, and his defensive awareness and interception is crucial and makes him a must-have for every team. Below you will find the top 10 CDMs in FIFA 22.

Rank Name Club Rating
1 N’Golo Kanté Chelsea 90
2 Joshua Kimmich Bayern Munich 89
3 Casemiro Real Madrid 89
4 Sergio Busquets Barcelona 86
5 Fabinho Liverpool 86
6 Rodri Manchester City 86
7 Wilfred Ndidi Leicester City 85
8 Franck Yannick Kessié Milan 84
9 Jordan Henderson Liverpool 84
10 Marcelo Brozović Inter Milan 84

FIFA 22 Best CMs

While in the case of CMs the rating is quite different from FIFA 22. Kevin De Bruyne of the Manchester city is at the top spot of the CMs in FIFA 22. He got some of the best skills which make him the best CM in FIFA 22.

Toni Kroos is moved down to the second spot in FIFA 22. Kroos’s shooting and passing is excellent but he failed to maintain his top position in FIFA 22. On the third spot we are seeing the Leon Goretzka of Bayern Munich.

He is also a new entry at the third spot in FIFA 22. Below you will find some of the best CMs in FIFA 22 along with their ratings.

Rank Name Club Rating
1 Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City 91
2 Toni Kroos Real Madrid 88
3 Leon Goretzka Bayern Munich 87
4 Luka Modrić Real Madrid 87
5 Frenkie De Jong Barcelona 87
6 Paul Pogba Manchester United 87
7 Marco Verratti Paris Saint-German 87
8 Marcos Llorente Atlético Madrid 86
9 Parejo Villarreal 86
10 Thiago Liverpool 86

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