FIFA 22 Best Goalkeepers Guide

In this guide, we will be telling you about the best goalkeepers in FIFA 22. Since there are a lot of goalkeepers, many of you might find it difficult to make up your mind and choose the best GK for your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

FIFA 22 Best Goalkeepers

It is really important that the players choose the goalkeepers with the best skills to make sure their team performs well. One needs to consider different factors before making the right choice. So, here is our best FIFA 22 Goalkeepers guide to help you pick the best ones.

Here is a table of the top 20 goalkeepers:

Jan Oblak 91 93 € 112M 28
Gianluigi Donnarumma 89 93 € 119.5M 22
Ter Stegen 90 92 € 99M 29
Thibaut Curtois 89 91 € 85.5M 29
Ederson 89 91 € 94M 27
Manuel Neuer 90 90 € 13.5M 35
Alisson 89 90 € 82M 28
Mike Maignan 84 89 € 48.5M 26
Keylor Navas 88 88 € 15.5M 34
Hugo Lloris 87 87 € 13.5 M 34
Wojciech Szczesny 87 87 € 42M 31
Koen Casteels 86 87 € 52M 29
Perluigi Golini 82 86 € 35M 26
Dean Henderson 80 87 € 36M 24
Dominik Livakovic 82 87 € 35 26
Maarten Van Der Voordt 71 87 € 4.3M 19
Samir Handanovic 86 86 € 1.7M 36
Alex Meret 79 86 € 30M 24
Unai Simon Mendibil 82 86 € 34.5M 24
Kasper Schmeichel 85 85 € 9M 34

Without any doubt, the players would love to have Jan Oblak on their side. He is an expert at handling and reflexes. Moreover, he can provide you with some useful positioning skills. So, he possesses all the important skills required for good goalkeeping, providing good control over the ball inside the penalty area.

Gianluigi Donnarumma is not a bad option as well, with some useful diving skills. He is an expert when it comes to diving, thus covering a good enough range. Also, good reflexes and decent speed add to his importance. He is also only 22 years old, so it is worth spending a little more on him.

Ter Stegen can also be an ideal goalkeeper for your team. This man with a good overall rating has a number of skills to consider. He is almost good at all of the skills necessary for a goalkeeper. The speed is a little less than the other ones, but still, he has a lot to offer for your team.

The next one on the list is Thibaut Courtois. This must not surprise you that he is a perfect choice to make with amazing skills. He is good at all of the skills with the advantage of great speed. Moreover, he is not as expensive as others which makes him an inevitable choice to make.

Ederson, aged 27, offers a lot more than the money spent on this goalkeeper. He has a good overall rating and is not much expensive as well.

He is good at positioning, reflexes, and handling as well. In addition to these skills, he is exceptionally good at handling and kicking as well. Also, he is one of the best when it comes to speed which makes him a good choice.

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