FIFA 21 Patch 1.11 Released For All Platforms, Makes Wide Variety Of Changes

EA Sports has released FIFA 21 patch 1.11 for all of the game’s platforms, making a wide variety of changes to a wide variety of the game’s mechanics. These include gameplay changes, changes to FIFA Ultimate Team, Career Mode, clubs, audio, video, and also straightened out a number of different issues in the game.

For instance, various skill moves will no longer be as effective if they’re chained together while moving a player. Various adjustments to the Team Press D-Pad tactic have also been made. Cooldown has been decreased again, but takes longer to activate and will no longer automatically restart after you lose and regain possession.

In FIFA Ultimate Team, Co-Op Squad Battles are now able to be paused for both players, and also no longer have a pause limit. Various Co-Op issues have also been resolved, such as the widget not responding, and the background incorrectly displaying if one player left the lobby while another was opening a pack.

FIFA 21 patch 1.11 has also made changes to other aspects of the game. The game’s career mode will now change the quality of incoming players to fit more with the region that they come from originally. An issue has also been fixed with player values not going down with age, resulting in players retiring at what seems like their peak.

On the audio and video side of the patch, badges, kits, 2D portraits, stadiums, and ad boards have all had their looks updated. 34 different Starheads have been added, and 29 existing Starheads have been updated. The latter will be activated at a later date through a server update.

There are a large number of other adjustments made to the game in the rest of FIFA 21 patch 1.11, but you can follow this link to read them and get the full picture on what sort of adjustments you’ll be seeing when you load the game up again.