FIFA 20 Players Complain About A Bug That Ruins Career Mode

A bug in FIFA 20 career mode makes the managers of the opposing team choose bad decisions. The problem seems to be affecting only the career mode.

Some of the players who are already playing FIFA 20 have complained about an unusual error that makes the game reduce their difficulty significantly.

Specifically, the error focuses on the career mode of FIFA 20 and makes the managers of the opposing team choose bad decisions. At the moment, the problem seems to be affecting only the career mode, but since it is a central part of the game, it could be causing problems for millions of players.

An example to illustrate the error would be when players get ready to play against FC Barcelona, ​​for example, and the team is much weaker because it includes a variety of reserves and youth players not as prepared as the starters. That makes games much easier despite playing against a powerful team.

This error seems to happen even when the matches are played between two CPU teams, something that helps decide the results in the rest of the league. In addition to affecting each individual game, the problem will cause teams that are expected to be at the top of the Premier League, for example, can descend positions in a season.

The problem at hand may have arisen in FIFA 20 because of the changes that the developers have made in the game over the last few years in order to ensure that the game is realistic.

In the past, for example, opposition managers could choose some of their weakest players to play when users played with a smaller team. Even so, it seems that the mechanics have become too extreme and the number of matches in which reserves are selected has greatly expanded.

EA Sports announced a while ago that the career mode will have a new variable. This change includes the dynamic potential of the player which determines how the professional will perform in the field. On the other hand, players who are about to retire will see their performance worsen.

As mentioned above, this new variable might also be the cause of these bugs in the career mode. Changes are good, but changes like this is terrible for business if it causes a lot of bugs. Maybe EA should have worked harder on other aspects of the career mode and not something that may cause difficulties in the future.

EA Sports has also released the final and complete list of stadiums included in FIFA 20. After a disputed fight for licenses such as the UEFA Champions League, which remains in FIFA, the American company has managed to license new stadiums such as the Bramall Lane of Sheffield United, the Red Bull Arena of the New York Red Bulls and the Atatürk Olimpiyat Stadı.

In total, more than 90 stadiums are licensed from around the world to play matches in different available game modes.

FIFA 20 has been developed by EA Vancouver & EA Romania, and releases worldwide on September 27, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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