FIFA 20 Cover Stars Are Eden Hazard And Verjil Van Djick

FIFA 20’s Cover Stars have been revealed- and as expected, there’s no Ronaldo. Eden Hazard, who has transferred from Chelsea to Real Madrid and Virgil Van Dijk, centerback at Liverpool are going to be on the cover.

FIFA 20’s Cover Stars have been the subject of much speculation. From 2013 to 2016, Messi had been on the covers. Then Ronaldo became the cover star for FIFA 18 and FIFA 19. Then, during that time, Ronaldo became the center of two controversies: 1) Rape allegations against him emerged and 2) he moved to Juventus.

He was then removed from the cover because of the allegations and since Juventus had an exclusivity agreement with PES. Juventus exclusivity agreement has resulted in it appearing in FIFA 20 as Piemonte Calcio. Konami has been the subject of much criticism because of this.

The reason why Eden Hazard and Virgil Van Dijk were selected as cover stars because of proper reasons. Eden Hazard has had a successful stint in Chelsea and his move to Real Madrid has been taken as a sign for Madrid to become good again. Virgil Van Dijk recently lead Liverpool to victory in the Champion’s League and was named Premier League Player of the Year.

There was a petition for Megan Rapinoe to be a cover star for FIFA 20. This would be on account of her maintaining an impressive fourth time consecutive victory in the women’s Football Worldcup. There’s still a chance that she will become the FIFA Ultimate’s cover star. But given Megan’s rather controversial political stances, this might not be so.

Virgil Van Dijk had this to say about his player rating:

88 should be a fair rating but I have no control over it. I think they have should have my pace a little bit up, I’m not sure what it this year but it’s difficult having defender with higher pace because it makes it easier to defend the strikers.

This is what Eden Hazard said about his cover photo appearance:

“When you play football, it’s a dream to, first, be in FIFA and then to be on the cover…”

“You want to play more often because you’re on the cover”

FIFA 20 will be released on 27th September, 2019 on Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.