FIFA 20 Celebrations Guide – How to Celebrate Goals, New Celebrations

In FIFA 20, you can celebrate scoring by doing your player’s signature celebrations. Celebrations in FIFA 20 are neat little moves that you can do to really soak in the victorious feeling you get after nailing a goal. This guide lists all the different celebrations for both the Playstation and Xbox.

FIFA 20 Celebrations

Below are the signature celebrations you can perform with your players after performing a great goal.


  • Signature: X/A
  • Random: Circle/B
  • Cancel: L1 + R1 / LB+RB

Running Moves

Celebrations Playstation Xbox
Airplane Hold R3 Hold R3
Arms Pointing Up Flick R Up then hold R Up Flick R Up then hold R Up
Arms Out Tap and hold Square Tap X then hold X
Blow Kisses Flick R Down then hold R Up Flick R Down then hold R Up
Can You Hear Me? Hold R Left Hold R Left
Come On! Flick R Left then hold R Right Flick R Left then hold R Right
Double Arm Swing Flick R Up then hold R Down Flick R Up then hold R Down
Flying Bird Flick R Right then hold R Right Flick R Right then hold R Right
Hands Out Flick R Right then hold R Left Flick R Right then hold R Left
Head on Head Flick R Left then hold R Left Flick R Left then hold R Left
Heart Symbol Flick R Down then hold R Down Flick R Down then hold R Down
Point to Sky Hold R Up Hold R Up
Shhhhh! Hold R Right Hold R Right
Telephone Hold R Down Hold R Down
Thumb Suck Hold Square Hold X
Wrist Flick Tap and hold Triangle Tap Y then hold Y
Windmill Rotate R clockwise Rotate R around

Finishing Moves

Celebration Playstation Xbox
Baby Girl Hold L1 hold R Left Hold LB hold R Left
Backflips Hold R2 double tap Square Hold RT double tap X
Backwards Worm Hold R1 rotate R anti-clockwise Hold RB rotate R anti-clockwise
Big Man Hold L1 hold R Right Hold LB hold R Right
Break Dance Hold R1 Flick R Right/Right Hold RB Flick R Right/Right
Brick Fall Hold L2 hold R Left Hold LT hold R Left
Calm Down Hold L1 double tap Triangle Hold LB double tap Y
Cell Phone Hold L2 press Square Hold LT press X
Challenge Hold L2 double tap Square Hold LT double tap X
Chest Thumb Hold R2 R Flick Down/Down Hold RT R Flick Down/Down
Cradle Swing Hold R2 press Triangle Hold RT press Y
Dance Hold R1 Flick R Down/Down Hold RB Flick R Down/Down
Dance 1 Hold R2 Flick R Up/Down Hold RT Flick R Up/Down
Dance 3 Hold R2 Flick R Right/Left Hold RT Flick R Right/Left
Elbow Hold R1 double tap Triangle Hold RT double tap Y
Fall to Knees & Beg Hold R2 hold R Down Hold RT hold R Down
Floor Rotate Hold L1 rotate R anti-clockwise Hold LB rotate R
Flying Dive Hold R1 hold R Up Hold RB hold R Up
Giddy Up Hold L1 press R3 Hold LB press R3
Golf Swing Hold R1 Flick R Left/Right Hold RB Flick R Left/Right
Guitar Dance Hold R1 Flick R Up/Up Hold RB Flick R Up/Up
Hand Bite Hold L2 Flick R DownUp Hold LT Flick R DownUp
Hand Loose Hold L1 Flick R Up/Down Hold LB Flick R Up/Down
Hand Spring (Agile Players) or Power Slide Hold L1 rotate R Hold LB rotate R
Handstand Hold R2 rotate R anti-clockwise Hold RT rotate R anti-clockwise
Heart Hold L2 hold R Down Hold LT hold R Down
Hypnosis Hold L2 press Triangle Hold LT press Y
I Can’t Hear You Hold L2 hold R Right Hold LT hold R Right
Jump Kicks Hold R1 hold R Down Hold RB hold R Down
Karate Kicks Hold R1 hold R Right Hold RB hold R Right
Kiss The Ground Hold R2 hold R Right Hold RT hold R Right
Kiss The Ring Hold R2 double tap Triangle Hold RT double tap Y
Knee Slide Hold R1 R Flick Left Flick Left Hold RB R Flick Left Flick Left
Knee Slide Fail Hold L2 Flick R Left/Left Hold LT Flick R Left/Left
Knee Walk Hold R2 press Square Hold RT press X
KO Hold L1 double tap Square Hold LB double tap Square
Little Brother Hold L2 double tap Circle Hold LT double tap B
Mannequin Hold L2 hold R Up Hold LT hold R Up
Mask Hold L1 Flick R Up/Up Hold LB Flick R Up/Up
Matador Hold R2 Flick R DownUp Hold RT Flick R DownUp
Motorbike Hold L1 Hold R Down Hold LB Hold R Down
Muevelo Hold L1 Flick R Right/Left Hold LB Flick R Right/Left
Nailbiter Hold R2 hold R Up Hold RT hold R Up
Neighbourhood Hold L2 Flick R Down/Down Hold LT Flick R Down/Down
Old Man Hold L2 press R3 Hold LT press R3
One Eye Hold R2 Press R3 Hold RT Press R3
Patty Cake Hold L1 Flick R Right/Right Hold LB Flick R Right/Right
Phone It In Hold L1 Hold R Up Hold LB Hold R Up
Pigeon Hold R1 press R3 Hold RB press R3
Pipe Hold L2 Flick R Up/Down Hold LT Flick R Up/Down
Point to the Sky Hold L1 Press Circle Hold LB Press B
Praise on Knees Hold R2 hold R Left Hold RT hold R Left
Push Ups Hold R1 Flick Right/Left Hold RB Flick Right/Left
Riding the Wave Hold L1 Press Triangle Hold LB Press Y
Right Here Right Now Hold R1 Press Circle Hold R1 Press Circle
Rotate & Fall Hold R2 Flick R Up/Up Hold RT Flick R Up/Up
Scissors Hold L1 Press Square Hold LB Press X
Scorpion Hold L2 Flick R Left/Right Hold LT Flick R Left/Right
Seated Rowing Hold R2 Flick R Right/Right Hold RT Flick R Right/Right
Show Respect Hold L1 double tap Circle Hold LB double tap B
Signature Finishing Move Press X Press A
Slide on Back Hold R1 double tap Square Hold RB double tap X
Spanish Dance Hold L2 Flick R Up/Up Hold LT Flick R Up/Up
Speed Walk Hold L2 R Flick Right Flick Right Hold LT R Flick Right Flick Right
Stand Tall Hold R1 R Hold Left Hold RB R Hold Left
Stir The Pot Hold L2 double tap Triangle Hold LT double tap Y
Swagger Hold R1 double tap Circle Hold RB double tap B
The Salute Hold R1 Press Triangle Hold RB Press Y
The Worm Hold R1 + rotate R clockwise Hold RB + rotate R clockwise
Timber Hold L2 press Circle Hold LT press B
Twist Flip (agile players) or Rotatening Frog Hold L2 rotate R Hold LT rotate R
Uncontrolled Backflip Hold R2 rotate R clockwise Hold RT rotate R clockwise
Waddle Hold L2 rotate R clockwise Hold LT rotate R clockwise
Walk Like Me Hold L1 Flick R Left/Right Hold LB Flick R Left/Right
Who Am I Hold L2 Flick R Right/Left Hold LT Flick R Right/Left
X Hold L1 Flick R Down/Down Hold LB Flick R Down/Down