New FIFA 18 Gamescom Trailer Doesn’t Show Any New Stuff, But Does Offer Hype

A new FIFA 18 Gamescom trailer has been released, and while it doesn't show any new stuff it does offer the chance to get hyped for the game's release.

With FIFA 18 getting closer and closer to its September 29 release date, EA Sports has released a new FIFA 18 Gamescom trailer. While it doesn’t show off anything new to distinguish the game from anything else, it does at least try and serve the purpose of getting people excited for the game.

FIFA 18, like a lot of other sports games, likely won’t be very different from FIFA 17. However, there will be a large amount of various changes that will help to improve the player experience, such as new team styles to keep every AI game from playing the same way, new football clubs and leagues, and more.

The game’s story mode, continuing the first “The Journey” story mode from FIFA 17, will also be expanded; players will be taking Alex Hunter from the previous game across the world instead of just around the United Kingdom’s Premiere League, allowing him to participate in a number of well-known football clubs such as Real Madrid, the German Bundesliga, and more.

Various famous FIFA Soccer players will also be met in that story mode, including Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, and other famous players around the other international teams, and you’ll likely be able to play with them as Alex Hunter goes through his football career.

All of this isn’t in the FIFA 18 Gamescom trailer, but you’ll likely get more information as the game gets closer to release.

In addition to more team styles to prevent every game from feeling the same, gamers will also see better crowd physics and more interactions between the crowds and your teammates. There are also going to be better referee calls, new stadiums, and more.

FIFA 18 is going to be releasing on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 29, so if the FIFA 18 Gamescom trailer (which you can find further up the article) makes you excited, you can look forward to that date rolling around in a little over a month’s time, so that you can get into the FIFA leagues once again.

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