FIFA 17 Video Shows Off New Physical Play Mechanic With Eden Hazard

A new FIFA 17 video was released today, showing off the game's new physical play mechanic that will allow players to be more forceful out on the field.

A new FIFA 17 video that came out today shows off the game’s new Physical Play Overhaul, allowing players to be more physical as you battle for possession and position during matches in the game. The video shows Eden Hazard, one of the players featured in the game, demonstrating what all you can do.

FIFA 17’s new physical play overhaul allows you to do a variety of things as things get more physical during games. Pushback technology allows players to be able to keep their balance better when they’re pushed or shoved by other players. The new system also allows players to better protect the ball, jostle, and shield.

In order to activate the physical play mode, players would simply have to hold the left trigger. From there, the physical play mechanic will adapt to the context and position of the players. These players, as the new FIFA 17 video shows, will then get more physical.

The FIFA 17 video shows that activating the physicality mechanic would allow you to shield the ball from any enemy player that comes at you, allowing you to block the ball rather than having worry about a player just coming up behind you and taking it.

The new physical play mechanic will even extend to goalkeepers. If players run into them as they’re trying to throw a ball out, they’ll now drop it instead. This, however is apparently a rarity.

FIFA 17 is slated to come out on September 27, and will be hosting a wide variety of new mechanics and features that will be working to make it the best FIFA game yet. These include a new engine, new AI, new players and teams, and even a story mode.

Until then, however, we’ll just have to wait and see what else EA Sports reveals about it.

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