FIFA 17 Update 1.08 Is Live On Consoles, FUT Changes And Bug Fixes

FIFA 17 Update 1.08 - already available on PC - has finally made its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The package introduces various changes.

FIFA 17 Update 1.08, already available on PC, has finally made its way to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The package is 1.09GB, and introduces various changes to the FUT mode, fixing some visual bugs.

FIFA 17 Update 1.08 full changelog available below:

Addressed the Following in FIFA Ultimate Team

  • Added the ability to limit the number of times a player can win a weekday knockout tournament in FUT Champions. This will be visible on the main FUT Champions HUB tournament tile.
  • Added the ability to limit attribute items for FUT Champions matches. This will be visible in the event details screen.
  • Added new squad restriction options to FUT Champions such as player type
  • Added games remaining to the FUT Champions leaderboard

Visual/Presentation Changes

  • Updated Chapecoense’s team crest
  • Fixed Axel Tuanzebe’s 2D player photo
  • Addressed an issue where a player’s overall rating is displayed incorrectly

Addressed the Following in Gameplay

  • An issue where the goalie would pick up the ball after a pass back from a teammate
  • Disabled the penalty kick indicator and FIFA trainer from all FUT Champion matches


  • Standardized the latency bar graphic across all online modes

The FIFA series, very popular on consoles, is ready to to land on Nintendo Switch. It has been confirmed by EA’s Peter Moore during a chat with Gamereactor, as he said that the development team in Vancouver is already working on a custom version of FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch.

This version will be different from the home console versions because of the Switch’s hardware, but we are sure that EA will make a good game.

FIFA 18 will also include the Season 2 of the Journey mode.

FIFA 17 is a sports video game developed by Electronic Arts for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.