FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Chemistry Guide – How to Build Max Chemistry Team

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Chemistry guide to help you build max chemistry and reap the benefits of having a higher chemistry among players and tips on acquiring one hundred per cent chemistry in the FUT.

It goes without saying that the chemistry among your players can create the difference between winning or losing a game – this also holds true for leagues and seasons as well.

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FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Chemistry Guide

There is no doubt that a poor selection of players can ruin your squad’s chemistry and lose you games. Similar to FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, FIFA 17 puts a huge emphasis on chemistry which is where this guide comes in.

In our FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Chemistry guide, we have discussed everything you need to know about how chemistry works in the game and how to maximize it.

Understanding FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Chemistry

One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind if you wish to maximize your team chemistry is to let players play on their natural positions. You may want to relocate a player from his natural position in order to complement your individual playstyle, but remember that it can eventually lead to poor chemistry for the entire team.


The chemistry among players in FIFA games is usually dictated by player origin, the league in which a player plays in, his active club, etc. Despite needing some time and effort put into it, you should always try to build your team around these factors.

How FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Chemistry Works

One of the first things that you need to understand about Team Chemistry is that chemistry effects are applied to the players at the very start of the game. These effects, however, are dictated by a unique combination of Team Chemistry and Player Chemistry.

  • Player in the Starting XI – 25% Team Chemistry and 75% Player Chemistry
  • Player Coming in as a Substitute – 25% Team Chemistry and 75% Static Individual Player Chemistry of 5

This essentially means that although substitutes can benefit from being in a high chemistry team, they cannot receive Individual Player Chemistry effects. EA Sports has provided fans with a formula to calculate the effects of chemistry on Player Attributes:

(Team Chemistry x .25) + ((Player Chemistry x 10) x .75)

  • If the result is higher than 50, player’s stat start to improve towards 99
  • If the result is 50, player receives no changes from base attributes
  • If the result is 49 or less, player’s attributes are reduced towards 1

Player in Starting XI with 100 TC and 10 PC:

  • (Team Chemistry x .25) + ((Player Chemistry x 10) x .75)
    (100 x .25) + ((10 x 10) x .75)
    = 25 + 75
    = 100 (99)

Substitute with 100 TC:

  • (Team Chemistry x .25) + ((Player Chemistry x 10) x .75)
    (100 x .25) + ((5 x 10) x .75)
    = 25 + 37.5
    = 62.5

When we consider a player with 10 PC and 100 TC running Sniper Chemistry Style, the player’s shooting attributes will get 10 points to Positioning, Volleys and 15 points to Finishing and Penalties. The important thing to note here, however, is that not every attribute receives a boost.

Chemistry Styles and Attribute Breakdown

EA Sports has provided a comprehensive table which basically outlines the attribute values a player with 100/10 chemistry can receive based on different Chemistry Styles. You can head over here to find the complete data.

This is all we have on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Chemistry Guide. If there anything else you would like to ask, let us know in the comments section below!

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