FIFA 17 Is EA Sport’s Number 1 Priority For Their Esports Plans

Electronic Art's Chief Competitive Officer, Peter Moore, has said that FIFA 17 is priority for esports and fans can expect announcements in coming weeks.

FIFA is no doubt a flagship franchise for EA Sports and with FIFA 17 innovating so much, the developers are confident about its financial success.  Also its success in eSports scene. According to Peter Moore, FIFA 17 is their number one priority for eSports because of its reach.

Speaking with Gamereactor EA’s Chief Competitive Officer, Peter Moore, said that fans of the FIFA franchise can expect announcements in the coming weeks about its EA Sports stepping up the scale and prize money for the game.

What you’ll see from us, and we’re about to announce it in the coming weeks, is it’s stepping up the scale, stepping up the prize money.

He further said that EA Sports is determined to support new eSports events for 12 months a year, as there are going to be more events in other countries. He also said that FIFA 17 is the important part of their plans for competitive gaming and FIFA 17 is number one priority because of its global reach.

And this is going to happen twelve months a year, there’s going to be more events in more countries, we’ve got to go to live events in studios and do stuff like that. More to come on that, more to announce, but FIFA is a very important part of our plans for competitive gaming and right now in my mind it’s probably the number one because of the global reach, and what we need to do and the best opportunity for us.

EA Sports is bringing a lot of innovation with FIFA 17, as the game will utilize Frostbite Engine, will also feature franchise’s first story mode dubbed as “The Journey”, also the FIFA 17 set pieces have changed a lot. Members of BioWare who previously worked on Dragon Age and Mass Effect series helped EA Sports in developing FIFA 17 The Journey mode

FIFA 17 is scheduled to release on September 29, 2016 for PC, Xbox one, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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