FIFA 16 US Women’s Team is Really Popular Among Fans, Says EA

US Women's team in FIFA 16 is pretty popular right now and EA COO says Alex Morgan has scored a million goals ever since launch!

FIFA 16 was the first game to introduce women’s national football teams in the roster, and although the feature was welcomed there still were some people who were unsure as to how popular these teams will be among the game’s fans base.

Apparently, they are so popular that the chief operating officer of Electronic Arts, Peter Moore, found the need to praise them. While attending the BlazerCon conference in Brooklyn, Moore revealed:

If you take the U.S. Women as a singular team and you look at the 600 teams you can play with on a global basis, not just in the U.S., the U.S. Women, they’re actually the 23rd-most played team around the world in FIFA 16, which is a stunning statistic.

Not only that, he even shared a few tidbits about how popular Alex Morgan, of the United States women’s national soccer team is. She was also featured on the cover of FIFA 16, but it looks like that was just the start.

Ever since the game was released, “Alex Morgan has now scored a million goals. And the goalkeeper is getting p***ed off. She’s the first woman to reach a million.”

So yeah, the women’s national teams in FIFA 16, specially the US team is pretty darn popular right now, and if you have not been playing with Alex Morgan before you should!

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