FIFA 16 Preorders Live on Amazon Italy

Amazon Italy has listed FIFA 16 for preorders; they say it comes out on December 31, but it looks like a placeholder.

If you are a FIFA fan, you will be definitely looking forward to seeing what FIFA 16 is going to bring you. However, we are a bit far from the release of the game. It only just started to take form in the news, let alone the markets.

One thing has come up though, the official website of Amazon Italy has already listed the game for preorders.

Not wait, this doesn’t mean we have everything from the boxart with an athlete to the release date and so on. This is just a listing for the preorders and the retailer has made sure not to let out any prominent details as yet.

If you check out this link you will be able to see that they have put up a placeholder image instead of the wouldbe box of the game and in the release date section they have mentioned December 31, 2015.

Anyone who has bought games off of the online retailers would know that such dates (especially when they are put up way before time like this one) are just placeholders. The date will be updated when Electronic Art decides to reveal it.

As far as the platforms is concerned, FIFA 16 is so far listed on Amazon Italy for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

However, FIFA games are known to be released on as many platforms as possible; FIFA 14 was released on PlayStation 2 at a time when all others stopped releasing games on it and FIFA 15 was released on almost all the platforms you can think of.

Keeping that in mind I think this listing for FIFA 16 is not giving us the complete list of platforms that the game will be released on.

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