FIFA 14 Errors, Crashes, Lag/Connection, Freezes and Fixes

Every year, we have a FIFA iteration and regardless of yearly installments, FIFA is a must buy for millions around the globe. FIFA 14 has some new elements to relish while it still conserves the basic essence of soccer as a sport.

Being an EA Sports game, FIFA 14 isn’t available on Steam so you will have to stay contented with Origin if you are thinking to buy it on PC. It’s a polished product, so there aren’t any major problems except for small issues that can be resolved using fixes. So, if you are experiencing issues related to FIFA 14, feel free to browse through the following listing:

#1 FIFA 14 – Lag/Connection Fix
If you are behind a router, you need to make sure that the following ports are opened for smooth experience:

Xbox 360

  • UDP: 53; 88; 3074; 3659
  • TCP: 53; 80; 3074; 3659


  • UDP: 3074; 3659; 6000
  • TCP: 80; 443; 3659; 10000 – 10099; 42127


  • UDP: 3659; 9565; 9570; 9000 – 9999
  • TCP: 3569; 9946; 9988; 10000 – 20000; 42124

#2 FIFA 14 – Can’t Purchase FIFA Points via Web App
It’s not a bug as the web app is not designed for this purpose. You can only have the Coins earned through the Web App auctions and prizes from the Web App. However, after you purchase FIFA points within the game, you can use them through the web app.

#3 FIFA 14 – EASFC App Bug
There has been multiple reports about the EASFC app as some users aren’t able to access it via android or iPhone. The problem is related to the OS version 1.7.52 (iOS) or (android). The developer has shortlisted the issue and it will be fixed soon.

#4 FIFA 14 – The Game Keeps on Freezing
First things first, make sure that your drivers are up to date and you aren’t running any application in the background that may interfere with the game.

If everything is fine at your end, I will suggest that you paste the details of your machine on this thread as developer is looking for feedback on the issue.

Day One update must have fixed it so make sure that your game is up to date.

#5 FIFA 14 Error – The Game not Syncing Online
You can use port forwarding (refer to #1) to make the online problems go away but if that’s not the issue, you should wait a bit as developers are monitoring the problem closely and future updates will fix it.

#6 FIFA 14 – Code Related Problems
For those who are having problems in redeeming codes should report to the forums. The official support should provide you the proper guidelines.

#7 FIFA 14 – Coins Costing Extra
If you didn’t know already, on all successful auctions, there is a minor transaction fee. So, if the amount is not same as decided, it’s the transaction cost that is being deducted.

#8 FIFA 14 – Controller Fix
If you are having trouble with the controller while playing FIFA 14, you can download these files and paste them in your game’s directory to fix it.

#9 FIFA 14 Error – APPCRASH Fix
If you are getting the crash, you can try changing compatibility mode. Open the properties of fifaconfig.exe and select Win XP SP3 as compatibility mode. If the problem persists, find the “replay0.bin” file in the game’s directory and open its properties. Mark it as “read-only”.

#10 FIFA 14 – The game Crashes at the Language Selection Page
If your game is being crashed at language selection, make sure that “Windows Media Player” is installed on your PC. This tutorial can help you fix it.

#11 FIFA 14 – Lag Fix
If you are experiencing lag during the singleplayer or even in multiplayer that is not connection related, you can use the following fix:

  • Find your fifasetup.ini file in the game’s directory.
  • Open it using notepad.
  • Find the parameter that says: “SCREEN_SLEEP”.
  • Change the value to 16 and save the changes.

#12 FIFA 14 – E0001 Error Fix
The error means that your card does not support the shader model 3.0. You can try lowering your resolution till the crash goes away. This video can further help you regarding the issue.

#13 FIFA 14 – Internal Directx Error
If you are encountering any error related to directx, you should perform a clean install. Download the latest version of the directx and install it. If that doesn’t work, you can take help from here.

If you are facing any other issues related to FIFA 14, let us know in the comments below. You can also check out our troubleshooting guide for FIFA 13 for further assistance.

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