FIFA 11 Troubleshooting Guide – Errors, Crashes, Freezes

FIFA 11 has been released, with lots of controller worries all around, some don’t like the restricted keyboard controls, some can’t figure out how they can get their controller recognized by the game, and remaining have frustrating technical issues.

If you are among any of these, you can refer to the guide below for workarounds regarding most of the technical as well as compatibility issues faced by FIFA 11.

FIFA 11 Troubleshooting Guide

1# FIFA 11 Controls Customization
Can’t figure what to do with the new controls the game has? refer to our FIFA 11 Controls Setup Guide.

2# FIFA 11 has encountered a problem and needs to be closed Error Message
If you come up against this error, make sure you have minimum game requirements and are running the game with updated graphics. Update your DirectX and install latest Microsoft Visual C++ binaries + .Net Framework 3.5.

3# FIFA 11 E0001 Error message Fix
If you happen to come across this error message, make sure your video card supports Shader Model 3.0 or the game won’t run. If your video card supports 3.0 shaders and you still receive this error, then update your video drivers to fix this error.

4# Can’t Enter the Controller Options Inside Game
It is a known bug for FIFA 11, and the developers are working on a fix. Meanwhile if you want to map your keys, go to:

FIFA 11/Game/fifasetup/fifaconfig.exe

and choose in-game keyboard or select your controller to assign keys of your choice.

5# Does FIFA 11 Supports Mouse Controls ?

6# FIFAConfig.exe Crashes
If your game crashes when you open fifaconfig.exe, then make sure you have latest .Net Framework installed in your system.

7# EA Servers Not Accepting Key For Online
Seems to happen with people who bought the digital version of the game. Please contact EA Support, if you are in US. If you are not in US, the game hasn’t officially been released outside US, so may be this is the problem. It will be released Worldwide October 1st.

8# Xbox 360 Controller Issues on PC
If somehow few controls of original Xbox 360 controller on PC are not working properly, change the USB port you have plugged the controller. If you have plugged the controller on front panel then try back panel USB Ports and see if that helps.

How to Make Playstation 3 Controller Work on Windows
Trying to use Playstation 3 controller on Windows ? here is how you can configure it to work.

Step 1
Download Playstation 3 Controller Drivers For Windows “MotioninJoy”.

Step 2
Read this guide to correctly configure your Playstation 3 Controller on Windows.

9# FIFA 11 Game Lag Fix
If your game is lagging try setting your sampling rate of sound card to 44.1khz 24bit from 96khz. Don’t know how ? Go to

Control Panel>Hardware and Sound> Sound> Speakers> Properties> Advanced

and Change the sampling rate to 24 bit 44.1khz and apply the settings.

Alternatively, set the affinity to 1 CPU, and priority to High you can re-set it later on if this workaround works.

How to Make PS2 Controller Work For FIFA 11 on Windows
Step 1
Download Xbox 360 Emulator here.

Step 2
Now copy this files to “C:\Program Files\EA Sports\FIFA 11\Game”:

  • dinput8.dll
  • xbox360cemu.ini
  • xinput1_3.dll
  • xinput9_1_0.dll
  • XInputTest.exe

Configure your controller and see if that works.

10# Video Driver has Stopped Working
Uninstall your current video card drivers, reboot, and re-install the latest video card drivers after cleaning the drivers with driver cleaning tool like driver sweeper or cccleaner.

11# FIFA 11 Crash on Start Up, Black Screen Fix
Similar to #2, the game crashes on start up showing an error, “game has stopped working”. Also if you start the game and happen to experience the black screen of death, then refer to the workaround below.All you need to do to fix this issue is, run the game as admin in compatibility mode.

Quick Checks to Get FIFA 11 Working

  • Make sure you have updated DirectX installed.
  • Make sure you have updated your Video Card Drivers.
  • Make sure you have .Net Framework 3.5 Installed.
  • Also make sure your video card supports shadel model 3.0.
  • Make sure you have set the audio sample rate to 24bit 44.1khz.

If you are facing any other issue, comment and we will try our best to resolve that for you.

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