5 Features Windows Store Needs to Compete With Steam

In the world of gaming where at present there are so many stores which are in competition to be as much user-friendly as they can, Microsoft Windows Store seems to be missing the plot.

With so many better stores out there it seems to be that people have a very low preference for Microsoft Windows Store. Now although features like play anywhere did give this store quite a lot of boost but then again the fact that it lacks key features compared to other stores, did not seem to add to its success.

All the while Steam is something that has been leading with better features compared to MS Store. Here are five features Windows Store need for better user experience, at least on par with Steam.

1- A Complete UI overhaul, at least, for the “Games” section

For those who have previously used Windows Store, they would know that its design is utterly terrible, let alone the UI of the various sections. What Mircosoft can do is, to the least overhaul, change, tweak if they must the UI of the complete store. If not that then at least overhauling the UI of the Games section, would definitely serve as a feature that might attract more people.

2- Allowing game backups to transfer hefty games files to another PC


One of the major issues with the Microsoft Windows Store has been the transfer of huge game files to another PC. Microsoft store has a lot of occurring issues when it comes to game sizes, download, and transfer. Allowing the game backups so players may be able to transfer hefty games to another PC will certainly help build a good reputation.

3- Ability to download games as a module

One of the biggest issue with the store at present is the fact that when you download a game that has both single players, as well as multiplayer. You will have to download both of the modules together and are not able to play even the single player, until the complete game downloads.

Adding the ability to download games as a module, will let the players play the single player game while they can download the multiplayer or not. Still, they will be able to play one module and not be associated with the other.

Moreover, this will also decrease the file size for the games.

4- More third-party titles on Windows Store

This is a known fact that Microsoft Windows Store has limited third-party games. Perhaps that is one of the major reason that people do not prefer this store. Compared to other stores like Steam or platform based stores of Xbox or PS, Windows Store has very lame and limited titles to offer.

So adding more titles would definitely attract a lot of audience on the based on those added third-party games.

5- Adding the ability to play games in offline mode

Another irritating thing is the not having the ability to play games in offline mode. Currently, Microsoft requires you to connect at least once for you to be able to play the game. If you are unable to connect then it will not allow you to play the game offline, which is quite a turn-off.

So adding the ability to play the games in offline mode, without requiring an online connection at least once, is among those features which will serve the Windows Store for the better.

Having said that bear in mind that there is a huge competition out there that is specifically for such stores. Stores like EA’s Origin or Uplay owned by Ubisoft or Blizzard’s Battle.Net are among those stores that feature their own games developed by themselves. W

Which pretty much isolates Microsoft Windows Store, to be honest. Those stores have far better games, UI interface and are updated and improved on a regular basis. All the while Microsoft seems to have a low focus towards its Windows Store. Let’s hope that they do the least get rid of some of the issues.