Farthest Frontier Tips to Ensure City’s Survival

Farthest Frontier gives you the experience of building your own village and managing it according to your taste. However, many people don’t understand the brutal nature of the game and make lots of mistakes in the beginning which cost them huge. So, to begin the game in a more appropriate way, we have gathered some very important tips for Farthest Frontier that you should keep in mind. This will not only increase the survival rate but also you would be able to protect your land from enemies and raiders.

Farthest Frontier Tips

Build a Well Right Away

You start off the game by building a Town Hall. After that you should get a well. Well is really important to have water. Villagers are going to get thirsty so you must have a well in the very beginning of the game.

Build a Firewood Splitter

After building houses for villagers’ shelter, you must have this thing in mind that winter would be approaching real soon and it gets really cold. So cold that people won’t even be able to live in their homes. For that reason, you should build a firewood splitter. Start chopping woods from the very early stages and make a firewood splitter. Assign two villagers at the splitter.

Try to Have as many General Labourers as Possible

As you proceed through the game, the population is going to increase. New people will come to your village and the existing ones might start having children.

So you need to have more jobs to keep people alive and at the same time you need more workers to keep things running smoothly. So consider gathering a large labour pool.

Build Walls and Gates (protected by soldiers) around the village

You are soon going to face enmity as well. Robbers are going to break into your village and try to steal valuables like gold, ingots food or whatever it is. Your job is to protect your land from bad people.

In the early stages of the game, you can’t just build archer towers or barracks this easily because you have limited resources. But you can build walls and gates at least. Your villagers will be able to pass them but the outsiders (bad guys) will need to destroy them in order to sneak in.

Keep an Eye on Town Hall Ringing Bell

Whenever your village is under an attack, you can ring a bell by clicking on the town hall and in the bottom you will have an option to ring a bell.

When the villagers hear the bell, they just go into the town hall and then go to the garrison. But when the raid is over, make sure you turn off that bell. Otherwise, the villagers won’t come out.

You Can Also Handle Individuals

If you want to handle a specific villager or if you want to make a group of people go to somewhere on the map, you can do that as well. You just have to click on the person and then choose the area where you want him/her to go by simply clicking on a map.

In this way you can make the villagers hunt down any wildlife animal or you can direct your soldiers to the place where they are needed the most when under attack.

Build a Hunter’s Cabin

You need to build a hunter’s cabin in the woods or some far place where you think there’s a high chance of having a deer or some other animal. You cannot monitor your village all the time. You cannot look for hunting yourself all the time. That is why you should have hunter’s cabin to do that for you.

Build Fisherman Huts

Another thing to build is fisherman hut. You need to feed your people. If, at times, there is no hunt, the fishermen would catch fish for you. You have to build these huts along river bay. And mind building at least two of them.

Build a Smokehouse to Stack Meat for a Longer Period

Next thing to build is a smokehouse. You would not want your meat to go bad in no time. So you need to build a smokehouse that would preserve the meat.

Don’t Forget to Place Decorations and Upgrade Them

In this game, you can also collect taxes. In order to collect more taxes, you have to increase the desirability of the houses. The more houses you have near the amenities like theatres, pubs and markets, the more desirable they become.

Moreover, you can increase the desirability by simply placing decorations in between houses. And many of the decorations are upgradable too. So make sure you upgrade them from time to time.

Build Apiaries

You might think that bees are useless but they are not! In warmer months, the bees make honey that can in turn be used to make wax, candles and even beers. The villagers go to pubs and will enjoy beer the whole season. So make sure you build enough apiaries around.

But the only problem is that once you have apiaries, the farmers will automatically start collecting the honey and will be busy with those apiaries to be exact. This will take up their time.

Their might be times when you will want your farmers to do something else but they won’t because they would be occupied with bees. So try to apiaries right where they work, so you cancel off the time wastage on travelling to apiaries.

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