How to Increase Desirability in Farthest Frontier

You get a chance to build and manage a village according to your own style in Farthest Frontier. But there is a catch; you can’t just simply place houses and buildings in an inappropriate way. This will make the land look worse and nobody would want to live there. This is where desirability kicks in. In this guide, we are going to talk about what desirability is and how to increase desirability in Farthest Frontier.

What is Desirability

Desirability is just a scale to measure how organized and pretty your area looks. The nicer and neater your village is, the higher desirability it has.

Desirability is not all that useless because by increasing desirability, you progress through tiers in Farthest Frontier. For instance, you need to have about 25 Homesteads, each having 30 desirability to get to tier 3. Similarly, for higher tiers, you need more desirability.

How to Increase Desirability in Farthest Frontier

You cannot just simply put the same buildings around a home to increase desirability. One building only increases the desirability of a house only once.

You can elevate the desirability by following the given steps:

  • Place some nice decoration pieces around houses. These boost desirability a lot.
  • Place utility buildings around houses such as markets etc. But make sure that you do not over stuff the area with these buildings because they have a negative impact as well.
  • Move away buildings that bring the desirability down, such as Compost Yard and Tanner.
  • You can increase the Desirability by upgrading the utility buildings as well. This is a good source of decent desirability.

Best Buildings to Boost Desirability

Large Parks and Large Statues are the best way to boost Desirability. They can elevate desirability by +10% or sometimes more, depending on how closely you place them near your houses.

So the more wide space you have between houses and the less noisy and populated the area is, the more desirability it has. You should keep this in mind. You can play with buildings and experiment which gives how much desirability and then place the best of them all.

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