Farthest Frontier Build Order – What to Build First?

Farthest Frontier gives players full freedom to build their civilization from the ground up; in any order they want. This is an amazing feature of the game which makes it very fun to play, but it can also completely work against you.

If you want your civilization to thrive in Farthest Frontier, you need to set it up with a good foundation right from the get-go. This means that you need to choose the right Build Order at the start of your playthrough.

To help you out with figuring out the best Farthest Frontier Build Order, we’ve prepared this guide for you which will be showing you what you need to build first.

What Order to Build Structures in Farthest Frontier

If you haven’t played many civilization sim games like Farthest Frontier before, you may think that constructing buildings that churn out high-level resources are what you need to focus on immediately.

However, that’s not the case at all. When you start out your playthrough of Farthest Frontier, you need to focus on constructing those buildings which provide the most basic facilities/resources to the people.

These buildings will work as the foundation of your entire civilization. Once they’ve been built, you can start working on everything else.


Below, we’ve listed down the best Build Order for Farthest Frontier. To give your civilization the biggest headstart, follow along with this Build Order.

Town Center

The first step to getting your civilization up and running is figuring out where to build the Town Center. Keep in mind that this is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the game, as the Town Center’s location governs the efficiency of most of your buildings.

Look around the area and find a spot that has lots of water and fruit-bearing trees around it. Place the Town Center in the center of this area to get started.

Once the Town Center is constructed, have the villagers start harvesting wood from the trees around it.

Basic Well

Water is one of the most important resources for your civilization, so you need to build a Basic Well ASAP.

Not only will water help keep your people hydrated, it will also save your civilization if a fire breaks out. When you start out, the entire village will be made out of wood, so a fire is the last thing you’ll want to see.

Foraging Shack

After the Basic Well, the next thing you should construct it a Foraging Shack. This will be a place for foragers to store food items that they find around the area.

To maximize the food production of the Forager’s Shack, make sure to place it in an area where you see lots of berries and fruit.

Firewood Splitter

Up next in the Build Order is the Firewood Splitter. This building will allow you to use the wood you’ve collected to create Firewood. Firewood will be used to create other buildings and heat homes.


Now that the villagers have water, food and firewood, you can start building homes for them. Start off by building some Dirt Roads around the Town Center so you can plan out your infrastructure properly. After that, build around 8-10 homes for your villagers to live in.

Hunter Cabin and Fishing Shack

At this point, you’ll notice that your food supplies are running out very quickly. To fix this problem, build a Hunter Cabin out in the woods where there are deer and other wildlife present.

Make sure to construct a Dirt Road leading to the Hunter Cabins so villagers have easy access to it. After that, build a Fishing Shack right next to the water surrounding the village to have another steady source of food.


The Smokehouse dries up meat and fish, increasing their lifespan in storage. This will help you save your food resources in case you have too much of them at a time.


The Stockyard is a place where your villagers will be able to store extra building materials. This is a very important building to construct at the start of your playthrough as it’ll allow you to quickly store up building materials instead of letting them to go waste.

Basket Shop

And finally, the last building in this Farthest Frontier Build Order is the Basket Shop. This building will produce baskets for your villagers, which will allow them to carry extra materials around the village. This will greatly increase the productivity of your civilization.