Farthest Frontier Best Seeds

In this guide, we are going to help your farming venture and list out the best seeds in Farthest Frontier.

Farthest Frontier allows you to manage your own farm and grow your own crops. But it is not all as simple as it sounds because you have all weather conditions in Farthest Frontier and crops have their own weather preferences. Like a crop that needs heat cannot be grown in winter and vice versa. So you must keep those things in mind. In this guide, we are going to help your farming venture and list out the best seeds in Farthest Frontier for you to invest in for your farms.

Best Seeds To Farm in Farthest Frontier

Once you have placed your farm and you are all set to start growing crops, you must be wondering which seeds to grow first? Moreover, the seeds have their own time span of growing and weather preferences so you must know which seeds to farm in which phase of the year.

When you have your farm ready, just click on it to add a crop. A list of crops will pop up. The crops will have their details with them like time duration for complete growth and vulnerabilities towards weather conditions.

We have listed the best seeds and their details below:


Start with the turnips as they require lesser time to grow and they are least volatile to weather damages. Since it has a shorter period of growth, you can think of harvesting it twice or thrice times a year.


Beans are really good at increasing the fertility of the land. Also, you can keep the beans in the storage area for longer periods.


Just like beans, peas increase fertility. But beware that peas can only be harvested in winter as they are least resistant to heat.


You should not have a rocky field to harvest carrots however fertility is not a big deal for harvesting carrots. Carrots can be kept in storage areas for a longer time period too.


Buckwheat is an ideal alternative for wheat. Wheat has a lot of complexities to harvest. On the other hand, buckwheat gives you the same amount of grain and are resistant to higher temperatures as well. They take lesser time to grow and they can also help in suppressing the excess weeds around.


Clover is an ideal thing to increase the fertility of the ground. It is mostly used in crop rotation. The only downside is that it cannot be sold or eaten.


Leeks are one of the seeds that are resistant to every weather’s harshness. But it takes considerably longer time to grow. Another downside is that the leeks cannot be kept preserved for a longer time.


Cabbages need extremely fertile soil to grow. And they cannot be kept preserved for a longer time in storage rooms. They are very resistant to heat as well.


Wheat is one of the most absurd crops one can name. However, you can make beer and flour out of it. Wheat demolishes fertility and requires extremely fertile land to grow. The plus is that it can last longer in storage rooms and yields a huge amount of wheat per harvest.

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