Far Cry Primal Weapons Detailed in New Trailer

Far Cry Primal might be set in Stone Age due to which it does not have the benefit of automatic weapons that other action adventure or first person shooter titles have, but the arsenal that Takkar has is impressive on its own.

What starts from clubs, arrows, and spears goes on to add fiery disasters that can really turn the tides towards our protagonist alongside the beasts that can be tamed to use against the enemies.

Clubs, arrows, and spears lay the foundation for Takkar’s weaponry, but add a little fire to the mix and each suddenly opens new doors for wreaking havoc on unsuspecting enemy tribes. Then there are the beasts.

The new trailer from Ubisoft shows off the expanse of weapons in Far Cry Primal. Check it out and tell us if it changes your perception of the game.

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