Far Cry Primal Lost Caves Location, Daysha Hands, Cave Paintings Locations

Far Cry Primal Lost Caves locations to help you clear these caves and find Daysha Hands and Cave Paintings. 

Far Cry Primal Lost Caves are interesting areas in the game that content two important collectibles: Daysha Hands and Cave Paintings. If you wish to find all of these, you’ll have to explore all 22 caves in the land of Oros.

There are primarily two types of caves to be found: navigational caves with barely any enemy, and caves occupied by rival tribes like Izila and Udam.

Although some caves are occupied by tribesmen, it’s entirely possible (and recommended) to avoid confrontation in these claustrophobic environments through alternative routes and other means.

Make sure you have the grappling claw as well as plenty of antidote whenever you decide to explore a cave.

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Far Cry Primal Lost Caves Location, Daysha Hands, Cave Paintings

Far Cry Primal Lost Caves are littered with clues of what to do next. There are breakable walls, burnable thorns/brushes/wood, breakable icicles, and climbable grapple points to take use of.

Clues such as arrows and footprints can be revealed using Hunter’s Vision to make the navigation through the caves easier.

Cave of Bones
The Cave of Bones is located to the far north on the west side of the wastes next to Totems of the Old Ones. Udam enemies occupy the cave, but they don’t need to be fought as there’s a pathway immediately to the right of the entrance that can be climbed.

This pathway bypasses the enemies if you follow along the narrow ledges to the backside of the cave.

You can even exit the cave from the same way. The main room of the cave can be accessed from this pathway. Follow the north corridor after doing so, and at the very back of the cave you’ll find the Daysha Hand on a narrow bridge above a fire.

You can access the Cave Painting by using the same bypass route from the entrance of the cave. Follow the path straight until you reach a large room. To the right are a few pots, and the wall next to them has a painting on it.

Cave of Hasari
There are two entrances to this cave. The type of animals in this cave can be random, and sometimes a Cave Bear will also spawn here.

Enter through the upper cave entrance and turn left immediately. Burn down the thorns on the left and walk through the small corridor. At the end of the corridor you’ll find the Daysha Hand.

For the Cave Painting, you’ll need to find the big room closest to the lower entrance of the cave. Stick with the right wall and you’ll spot a group of thorns in a corner. Burn them down to access the Cave Painting.

There’s a weak wall in the first room that can be destroyed if you entered from the upper entrance of the cave.

Cave of Strength
This complex cave is located at Twisted Path Climb. You should search for red footprints with Hunter Vision that lead to collectibles in the cave and spot fireflies which indicate the right direction and important locations in-case you are lost.

There are no enemies in this cave, but you can lose your way easily. It’s all about navigation. The first room includes platforms in the center on the column with the ledges on the outside.

Head up to the tunnel above with some running jumps. Search for footprints here.

You’ll eventually come across an intersection blocked by a stone in the middle, thorns on the left, and a ledge to the right. Burn the thorns to reveal a grappling point, and use it to swing to the ledge ahead.

The cave painting should be located here. You’ll need to hold the rope at a perfect height to get this right. Eventually, you’ll come to a big cavern with water around a large column.

Jump over to the platform on the left wall and burn the thorns that block the southeastern route. Set them on fire, then come back to this large room’s entrance.

There are more thorns to the right; clear them and swing to the next platform, then jump to the far corner.

Climb up the vines, then turn around, and swing across a set of hooks to fall down on the platform that was blocked by the vines. This will allow you to climb up the far wall that was blocked.

The upper level of this cavern has the Daysha Hand.

Cave of Sun Walkers
This cave is a part of the Tribal Clashes, so you may have explored it beforehand as well.

The cave will still be occupied by Izila tribesmen, but they can be bypassed altogether through a secondary stealth entrance found on the top of the cave to the east.

It’s a little difficult to use the secondary entranced at first though, so it’s best to go through the main entrance. Stick to the right to avoid enemy contact and continue all the way to the large central cavern.

Stay to the right and continue moving forward. Climb the ledge and bust the weak wall here. At the end of this hall you’ll find the Daysha Hand. Head back to the cavern, and turn right immediately after going down the ledge.

You’ll come across a flooded area. Follow the water to the north to find thorns blocking a room. Burn them down and you’ll have access to the Cave Painting.

You’ll be able to find your way to the upper level (and eventually the secondary entrance/exit) in the cavern here, though it’s entirely optional. It’s best to head out through the main entrance if you’ve managed to avoid the enemies here.

Chanting Cave
The Chanting Cave is occupied by Izila tribesman. It is located in eastern Oros behind a set of standing stones. The enemies in the cave are easily avoidable if you stick to pillars and the large bodies of water inside.

After entering the cave, look for a path on the right. This leads to a body of water. Dive underwater to find a tunnel that leads to the main cavern. There are two collectibles here that can be found if you use the vines to climb up here.

Grapple to a higher level from here and look straight ahead to spot the Cave Painting, then cross the rock bridge above. Jump over to the platform on the right and climb up to find the Daysha Hand.

Charnga Cave
This cave is located in north Oros, and is an ice cave with poisonous gas in certain areas. For this reason, you’ll need some Antidotes before you explore this cave. There are also Bitefish in the waters.

At the first flooded room of the cave, there’s a set of floating woods on the water. Shoot a burning arrow at them. This will let you see while you seem underwater. Swim to the east side of the cave and descend into the rot fumes to find the Daysha Hand.

Come back to the entrance, then had straight past the poisonous cavern and across the bridge till you reach the second flooded room. There is additional wood in the water that can be burned like before.

Light it up, then swim around to the far side of the area. After climbing out of the area, search for a frozen grapple point on a rock.

Hit the ice with a burning arrow, then use the claw. Swing to the other side, making sure you don’t fall (or else you’ll die). After the jump, you’ll come across an intersection, with both paths blocked by ice.

The left path leads to the Cave Painting, while the one on the right leads back to the exit point.

Chishta Cave
The Chishta Cave is located northeast of Nasan Run, just west of the river. The cave is usually occupied by a Brown Bear, so be careful. Enter the cave, and after the initial fire the path will split into three routes.

Use your Hunter Vision and follow the footprints that lead through the middle path. You’ll eventually come across a flooded room. Burn the wood floating in the water, then dive into the water. Swim forward and you’ll eventually come across the Daysha Hand.

After grabbing the Daysha Hand, hop down and follow the footprints. Climb up the log and follow the path until you reach a breakable wall. Break up the wall and reach the lower room. Get ready to fight the Brown Bear here as it chases you around.

The Cave Painting is on a central rock here. Study it, then head back to the exit of the cave.

Cold Swim Cave
Search for the lake in the southeast corner of icy Oros. Jump in, and swim to the entrance of the cave on the west side of the lake. You’ll pass through the icy waterfall and land in the main cave room.

Light up the floating piles of wood in the water. Look around up and you’ll find the Daysha Hand on a high platform to the left. The Cave Painting is down the other path by grappling to the top of the waterfall.

Find a frozen grappling point on the ceiling and break it with an arrow. Grapple to it and swing towards the Daysha Hand to collect it.

Cut Mamaf Cave
This cave inside northern Oros is within an Udam camp that hide a small entrance into an underground lair. You’ll find quite a few animals and Udam tribesmen in and around the cave, so you will either have to fight your way inside or sneak inside.

There’s also a secondary entrance on top of the cave, just to the northwest. It’s best to head into the cave through the main entrance.

Head right and then take an immediate left after you enter. Follow the corridor to find the Daysha Hand. Up above is a grappling point that leads to the secondary entrance/exit.

If you want to get to the Cave Painting, from the main entrance, drop inside the cave and immediately go left. Enter a small body of water – dive in and go through the tunnel to the northeast to find the Cave Painting behind some flammable thorns.

Dangu Cave
The Dangu Cave is located in southwest Oros, west of a small lake. After entering the cave, head up the right side and burn the thorns that block the path.

After that, jump across the gap; continue up the corridor and use the grappling point ahead. Go down the series of ledges from here to find the Cave Painting.

After this, use your club to knock out the stones that block the east path. Dive into the water and swim southwards to reach the big room.

To the right are some fireflies; climb up the rock here and continue up to reach the upper floor. Drop into the east hole to continue through the cave.

After grappling to the upper level, bust through the stones and head left. Grapple up two more grappling points and find the exit above the lake. As you emerge from the upper exit, the Daysha Hand is on the side of the platform.

Grab it before jumping to the grappling point.

Freezing Caves
This cave is located at the northern tip of Oros. A campfire sits just outside this cave. From the start, descend from the grapple point to the small platform below. After that, jump, grapple and climb to the southeast corner.

From there, take one of the multiple ways to the central rooms. You’ll find the Cave Painting on the southeast part of the central cave room here.

After acquiring the Cave Painting, use your Hunter Vision to follow the footprints west to a narrow corridor.

The leads to the next room, and you’ll spot the glowing Daysha Hand on the platform. Grab the Darsha Hand, then continue past it to find a waterfall. Jump into the waterfall to exit the cave from the southern end.

Gwashtru Cave
The Gwashtru Cave is located to the far south, west of the Praying Stones and north of a small lake. There’s a small opening to the gave that is covered by some stones. Break them and enter inside.

At the first fire in the cave, burn the pile of hay on the left to gain access to the main room.

Use your Hunter Vision and follow the footprints through the tunnels and make your way through the stones blocking your path. You’ll eventually find a small body of water.

Swing across the water towards the exit, and climb up the steps. Cross the log to find the Daysha Hand.

Head back to the first flooded room, and jump to the let platform. Look right to spot a glow under a rock wall. Dive underneath and climb the vine to reach the platform where the Cave Painting is found.

Hagwi Drink Cave
Bring Antidotes with you for this cave. It’s located near Hunter’s Shelter in far north Oros. You need to grapple up the cliff to the north to reach a path above.

Follow that path east to a grapple point that lets you cross a log. Then, climb up two grapple points to reach the mouth of the cave.

Past the fire, dive into the deep shaft to land in the water of the cave. Here, you’ll need to break the ice walls to open the paths.

Burn the thorns here to light the way. Take an Antidote now, and dive underwater to reach the main room.

On the west side of the main room, light the floating wood in the water and dive underneath. Follow the path to the end. Mel the ice from the grapple point and pull yourself up to find the Daysha Hand.

The Cave Painting is located after you pass through the rot fumes and enter the big room. Jump onto the central rocky island and over to the far side. The painting should be on the south side of the room.

Hungry Walkwa Cave
This cave is located north of a big waterfall north of Great Prashrawa in southeast Oros. Enter through the main entrance and keep going forward to find a three-way intersection.

Use your Hunter Vision and take the left path with the footprints. Climb the ivy and then grapple up to reach the top tunnel. Take the first left and burn the thorns to find a corridor. At the end of it is the Daysha Hand.

After acquiring the Daysha Hand, back out and follow the right path. Use the two grapple points to descend into the lower depths of the cave. Light up the floating wood in the water and swim underneath.

The path will lead you straight to the Cave Painting.

Marsa Cave
The Marsa gave is located northeast from your village, and has three entrances. Two of them are in front and another stealth entrance is accessible by using the grapple point near the waterfall.

The cave is quite small, so it’s easy to get spotted going in from the front. Instead, use the shortcut to gain access.

The south side of the cave has a ledge that you can climb on. After doing so, follow the path to a breakable wall. Bust through it to find the Daysha Hand.

The Cave Painting can be found swimming underwater from the waterfall north and west through the tunnel. Exit at the first opening you find and the Cave Painting will be there behind some flammable thorns.

River Bagwi Cave
This cave is situated near the River Bagwi, west of the large waterfall. It’s flooded with water, and there’s possibility to find crocodiles in the flooded areas.

As you enter, set the floating wood on fire in the main room and swim underwater. Climb onto the left rock and grapple to the ledge above. Turn right and follow the path into the upper tunnels of the cave.

It is possible that a few Udam Warriors may be present here. There’s a stalactite that hangs in your way. Throw a club at it and jump across.

Use the grapple claw to lower yourself near the rot fumes, then set the vines on fire. Follow the right path to find the Cave Painting.

At the main room, run through the waterfall on the right, then burn the vines that block a small hole on the far side. The Daysha Hand is at the end of the next room.

Shanma Cave
This Udam-infested cave is located in the southwest region of Oros. A large bone-tree marks the lair in the southeastern corner.

Head inside the main entrance and you’ll find a Slinger with his back turned. Take him out. For the Cave Painting, turn left at the first opportunity and climb onto the left ledge. There’s a Warrior here.

Take him out if you wish, then use your grappling claw to descend into the hole to find the cave painting. Crouch and move around, tagging enemies where you can.

The Daysha Hand is in the southeast corner of the main room. Swim through the water tunnel to the south side of the main room and sneak along the right side of the room to find it.

Sharp Stone Cave
This tiny cave is hidden in the back of an Izila camp in the southeast corner north of the Izila Homeland. Izila will be patrolling the area in front of the entrance. There are also a few beasts here, so be careful.

Once you’ve taken care of all the foes, drop into the cave entrance. Bust the breakable wall here and collect the Daysha Hand inside. For the Cave Painting, burn the thorns that block the second opening.

Head inside and study the painting.

Shayu’s Cave
Shayu’s Cave is the closest cave to your village, and is one of the simplest ones.

Set the floating wood on fire in the water inside the cave to light your path. Swim under the debris and climb onto the ledge on the other side. Collect the Daysha Hand here.

From the Daysha Hand, set more wood on fire and swim underneath. In the big cavern are a few ledges on the right that can be climbed. Follow the path up from those ledges to find the Cave Painting.

Split Rock Cave
This cave is located in the southernmost regions of Oros. It’s packed with Izila tribesmen. In the middle of the main cavern of the cave is a central pillar.

The Daysha Hand is atop this pillar It is accessible by jumping from the grappling point on the east ledge.

For the Cave Painting, head to the south side of the main room and find a narrow ledge that is accessible from the east and west along the walkways. Follow the water tunnels all the way back and follow the path up to the south ledge to gain access to the Cave Painting.

Wisya Hurt Cave
Wisya Hurt Cave is located off the road south of Nasan run Valley, just west of Rotten Lake Outpost. Be careful of the snakes here, and bring some antidote for the rot fumes.

Head down the left path at the first split and use the grappling point to swing over the poison pit. Use the grappling claw to descend into the lower depths, then bust through the weak rock wall and continue to the main room.

Follow the right tunnel to the rot fumes. Take an antidote, and smash through the weak wall to find the Daysha Hand.

Head back to the main cave room and climb up the stone pillar. Follow the corridor past the breakable wall and descend into the pit to find the Cave Paining. Be careful of the snakes here.

Yachawha Cave
This cave is located north of Big Darwa Fort. You’ll need to climb quite a bit to reach the entrance of the cave.

There’s a possibility of Udan camping outside the cave entrance. On your way through the starting point of the cave, look for a tunnel on the right. There’s a possible Sabretooth Tiger here.

You can either tame it or maim it – whichever one suits you more. Head back, and at the split, follow the left path across the rocky platforms.

Knock down the icicles and use the grappling point to swing to the other side. Descend into the lower area with a grappling point. Use your Hunter Vision to follow the footsteps and clues and grapple again to descend to the lowest depth.

Shatter the ice in the room with the waterfall and collect the Daysha Hand. Now head down the left corridor.

Burn the bushes that block the path to the poison area. Continue up the ledges here and burn the ice wall to find the Cave Painting inside.

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