Far Cry Primal is Going to be Less Violent than Predecessors

Based on the USK age classification of Far Cry Primal, looks like it is going to be a lot less violent than its predecessors.

While the Far Cry franchise has never been the bloodiest and the most violent of the entire action adventure genre, since the last two iterations at least, it has been a game suited for the mature audience. However, things might be a little different with Far Cry Primal.

If you check out Far Cry 4 or Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, you will see that PEGI gave them an 18+ age rating based on the content which mostly related to extreme violence, language and a lot of killings.

While Far Cry Primal has not been rated by one of the mainstream rating boards, there is a USK age classification for the game where it is listed suited for users aged 16.

The first and the foremost thing that comes into mind with this is that Ubisoft probably has cut down on the mature content of the game.

This might be an inherent aspect of Primal due to the setting of the game. Since it is set in the stone age, the lethal weapons of modern age are no where to be found in the game. The only thing that works in it are bows, arrows and related weapons.

So naturally, that would reduce the level of violent killings to some extent – unless the developers want to be creative.

We’ll know more on this and Far Cry Primal in general in the coming days, stay tuned.

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