Far Cry Primal Creative Director Talks Lead Antagonists, Dropping PS3/Xbox 360

Far Cry is a series that always try to highlight its lead antagonist. The most notorious of them all was Vaas from Far Cry 3, who completely dominated the game. The man will go down in history as one of the most psychotic villains of all time.

Sadly, Far Cry 4 dropped the ball in this regard.

Now that we are closing in on Far Cry Primal, it is time to know more about its lead antagonists. Far Cry Primal’s Creative Director, Jean-Christophe Guyot has some details about whom we’ll face. Unlike previous games, Primal won’t have a single notorious entity, instead, you will be facing a cast of different characters in the game.

It’s a bit different. It’s not just one single character, but we want to have an interesting and iconic cast of characters that are very diverse. Throughout the game you’ll encounter two main antagonists: Ull, the Warlord of the Udam, a very primitive tribe, and Batari, the Matriarch of the Izila. These characters you’ll meet and interact with them and learn about them.

These characters are going to make your life a living hell during your time in Oros. Moreover, the wildlife won’t treat you any better as you will have to survive against the most savage creatures known to man.

Far Cry Primal will feature dense jungles and a range of different animals adding depth to its wildlife. All this was possible thanks to the power of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As you know, Ubisoft has dropped PS3 and Xbox 360 for Far Cry Primal which gave devs more room to work with.

We wanted to up the amount of animals you can encounter and create a lot of chain reactions with the animals. It’s very exciting for us because the AIs collide together to create unexpected moments, especially with fire. In terms of systems, the power of the consoles enhanced the visuals, as you would expect. In terms of gameplay experience it’s having a lot of wildlife that was not present before.

Far Cry Primal will release on consoles on February 24 and a week later on PC.

Source: HardcoreGamer

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