Far Cry New Dawn Titanium Farming Locations Guide

Our Far Cry New Dawn Titanium Farming Locations Guide will help you learn all about farming some Titanium Rods quickly in FCND.

In the post-apocalyptic world, survival is the only looming prospect. There’s no real survival without a display of power and there’s no real influence without manpower and arms. In Far Cry New Dawn, you may find it hard to craft high-tier weaponry due to the scarcity of some required Crafting Materials. Below, we talk about obtaining Titanium for crafting powerful weapons and the best ways to go for it.

Far Cry New Dawn Titanium Farming

Titanium Rods are rare resources in Hope County which will require you to trek along various locations and look in tightest of the spots.

During the early hours of the game, in the beginning chapters, you’ll be struggling with finding the right weapons and so an early search for Titanium is advised.

Not only will this material allow you to craft decent weapons (above Tier 3) at the workbench but also upgrade them to enhance their effect. There are various ways to go about acquiring the resource.

Firstly, you can come across Titanium Rods as you open locked safes as a part of Treasure Hunts and Pepper Stash loot.

These safes can also be discovered, occasionally, in enemy Outposts. Either way, you’ll require a Lockpicking or Dexterity Skill to unlock the safes and collect the content inside: the Titanium Rods in question.

Secondly, as you explore more of the world, you’re bound to come across enemy trucks and cargo vehicles on the highway that you can loot at gunpoint.

Get rid of the driver in this case and then proceed to the back of the van to check for any Titanium Rods among the loot.

This is an inconsistent method though because looting the highway trucks are random events and their occurrences cannot be predicted. The most consistent and viable strategy of all is to take up the “Expeditions” challenge handed to you at your own base of operations, Prosperity.

Here, you can speak with an NPC named Roger Cadoret to get you started. These are small tasks that can also be completed via the help of your friends in co-op. Stealth is always encouraged in missions like what Expeditions have to offer.

Replaying these missions on “Hard” difficulty will reward you with even more Titanium Rods, so at higher levels, this will be your go-to grinding or farming method of acquiring the precious resource for crafting and upgrading your firearms.

Lastly, if you’re not interested in backtracking and putting in the extra effort for earning Titanium, then you can simply invest in the in-game currency, Far Cry Credits, to purchase the bundle of materials that will award you with the said resource.

Do note that alternatively to paying real money, you can also acquire Far Cry Credits within the game by unlocking Treasure Chests.

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