Far Cry New Dawn Specialists Missions Walkthrough Guide – How to Get Specialists, Upgrade Prosperity

With the help of our Far Cry New Dawn Specialists Missions Walkthrough Guide, you will be able to learn all about getting Specialists to upgrade Prosperity.

Far Cry New Dawn has a home base system that requires upgrading facilities to get the best features and items in the game. To do so, you will need to search the world for Prosperity Specialists.

Up to three Specialists are mandatory to progress in the story mission, and there are five in total. It’s recommended you get all of them to make upgrading Prosperity easy.

Far Cry New Dawn Specialists Missions

Specialists are individuals who can be recruited to Prosperity to help various facilities there. Specialists are important because they are the main way you can upgrade different facilities in Prosperity that is your home base.

Each Specialist has its own special mission that needs to be carried out in order to recruit them. In this guide, we’ll look at all the missions, when to do them, and how to finish them.

1. Losing Streak

Bean gives this mission to the player. Head north of Prosperity to Wiki-Bean-ia. You’ll find Bean standing near an air patio. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about Richard, his former employee who stole Bean’s business plan.

You’ll have to locate Richard now. Head to Gambler’s Run. Here, you’ll find Richard in his underwear playing cards. A chase will then ensue, and you’ll have to shoot down all of the highwaymen. Make sure you don’t shoot Richard.

Once he runs off, chase him through the woods until he reaches his stash.

Once Richard is there, talk to him and he’ll give you the location of his bunker. Follow the waypoint to Dick’s Hole to find a few highwaymen around a smoking hatch in the ground.

Take them out silently with your trusty Saw Launcher, then enter the bunker by climbing down the ladder.

Richard’s stash will be on fire here. You’ll have to avoid the flames as you take your first right. Inside the open safe, you’ll find Bean’s business plans.

Backtrack out of the bunker and you’ll find that Bean has moved closer to you. Follow the waypoint to his position and talk to him to finish the mission.

2. Deep Dive

Selene gives this mission to you. Head to the Inquisitor’s Grave to find Selene freaking out near a large hole. Talk to her and she’ll ask you to climb down to find her field kit.

Drop down to the ledge below and move to the left side to jump down to the platform. This is where you’ll find her field kit. Whoops, that didn’t go well.

At the bottom of the shaft, you can drive around to grab some random items. Once you’re done taking a swim, head through the hallway to the south and follow the waypoint.

At the end of the hallway, turn both valves to the open position to increase the water pressure. A pipe will burst, flooding the entire tunnel. Turn around and run back down the hallway. Dive whenever necessary until you’re back in the main shaft.

The water level will have risen enough to give you access to a hallway on a higher floor. Appreciate this immersion-breaking coincidence for a bit, and then follow the hallway to the end. You’ll have to kill some wild dogs on the way.

You’ll eventually reach some descending stairs, and you’ll have to swim underwater here to proceed. Dive down and swim until you reach a ladder.

At the top of the ladder, go through a door and open the pressure valve. It’ll start to release steam. Aim your weapon and shoot it.

The pressure will build, and the pipe will blow, smashing through the door to the north. Enter the room and you’ll find five pipes with valves.

All the valves are labeled to indicate the direction of the water flows into or out of a water tank. Your task is to close every valve that is leading out of the water tank and open every valve that leads into it. This will cause the water tank to burst.

Once the water tank bursts, follow the waypoint through a door and wait for the water to rise high enough to cover the debris and junk. Swim through the area until you reach the end where you can climb on the barrels in the center of the room.

Shoot the shining valve to make the pipe burst and smash open the door. Follow the hallway to reach the main shaft again.

Now, head to a ladder to the northeast and climb it to the hallway at the top. Here, you’ll come across several hostile animals. Reach the waypoint while avoiding or killing them, then turn the large valve and let chaos ensue.

Hurry back to the main shaft. The water will have risen enough to make it easy to retrieve Selene’s field kit. Climb the ladder after grabbing it and talk to her. This will conclude this rather repetitive mission.

3. Buzz Kill

Buzz Kill is a Prosperity Specialist mission in which you recruit Grace. This mission is played in the second act of the game.

Grace Roberts returns in Far Cry New Dawn. Head to the Old Train Yard to find her. She’ll tell you of her Saw Launcher that was stolen by highwaymen. She wants you to recover it and a few additional materials.

Follow to the Buzzard’s Hoard. Here, Grace will tell you to look in the highwaymen’s stash in the train cars. The Saw Launcher can be found to the west, and the materials are located in the east.

To get the Saw Launcher, you’ll need to head to the warehouse on the west side of the tracks. There’s a single railcar here in the warehouse. Flip the switch next to the sliding door to open it. Inside, you’ll find the Saw Launcher.

The materials you’ll need to pick up are three caches of titanium. You’ll have plenty of highwaymen around. Clear them out, then search for the pink car with the closed door.

Use the switch next to the door to unleash a bunch of skunks. Whatever you choose to do with them, you’ll find the first stash of Titanium. The second cache is at the top of the water tower next to the train tracks.

Use the line to reach the pink railcar on top of another car.

Here, you’ll notice a part of the car blocked by steel bars. Head out the side door and jump up on the roof. Drop down the hole in the roof and grab all the loot, including the second bundle of Titanium in an open safe.

In the middle of the train yard is another pink railcar suspended from the gantry. To get to it, climb on the small platform across the open end of the car, and then jump across into the car. You’ll find the Titanium bundle in another open safe.

Head back to Grace by following the waypoint and talk to her. This will conclude the mission.

4. The Great Escape

This Prosperity Specialist mission is available in Act 2 of Far Cry New Dawn. You will recruit Nick Rye after completing this mission. It is recommended that you have the Mechanic perk for this mission to make it easier.

To start this mission, approach Greasemonkey’s Cage stealthily and eliminate all the highwaymen patrolling this area. You will find Nick on the ground, bleeding out.

Revive him, then talk to him. Follow Nick using the zipline to the area down below. Keep following him down the path until you come across the boathouse.

Climb into this “vehicle” and wait for Nick to get into the passenger seat. Once he does, you need to deliver the vehicle safely to a certain waypoint without it being destroyed. Drive straight through the door and then follow the path of the river.

This vehicle is amphibious, so you can easily go up roads and dirt when the waypoint changes directions to point towards terra firma. You’ll have to travel down a broken railway bridge as well.

Keep the nose of the vehicle up when you land below for a safe landing.

Back on the river, avoid the red barrels yourself, but use them to lure and run highwaymen into. This part of the mission can get quite hectic. It’s also important to pay attention to Nick; if he starts bleeding out, he will fall out of the vehicle.

Eventually, Nick will direct you to dock the plane in a shack on the river. Do so to complete this mission and recruit Nick Rye as a Specialist at Prosperity.

5. Adventures in Babysitting

This final Specialist mission will recruit Shark as a Prosperity Specialist in Far Cry New Dawn. This mission is available in Act 2. Head to Chateau Boshaw and you’ll find Sharky there.

He will enlist you to help defend the area to keep his cousin Hurk’s child safe.

Sharky will want you to help arm five pressure pipes that serve as traps. Go to each pipe by following the waypoint and interact with the traps.

Once all five traps are armed, head to the waypoint that directs you to the large valve. Turn it to send pressure to the traps.

Once you’re done, head back and talk to Sharky. Have a drink with Sharky, and once you’re back on your feet, head out to the waypoint on the tower.

You can use the mounted gun now to defend this area from the waves of incoming highwaymen. The first wave is quite easy.

The second wave will come from the other direction. Turn around, use the gun on the other side of the platform, and mow down every highwayman you can see.

Next up, a bunch of vehicles carrying highwaymen will swarm you. Take them out as well. If any of the highwaymen succeed in entering the facility, dismount the gun and take them down while on foot.

Most of the enemies will be focused on shooting the pipes, so you shouldn’t have a problem surviving. Just make sure to take them out before the damage to the pipes becomes critical.

Once you’ve killed all the highwaymen, talk to Sharky. He will now join you in Prosperity as the final Specialist.

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