Far Cry New Dawn Mickey & Lou Guide – Problem Solver Main Mission Walkthrough

Far Cry New Dawn Mickey & Lou twins are encountered in “Problem Solver” Main Mission and has direct impact on FCND ending.

This short Far Cry New Dawn Mickey & Lou Guide will focus on how to defeat one of the final villains in Far Cry New Dawn: Mickey & Lou.

This FCND Guide will be as precise as possible, without compromising on the little tips and tricks that might help you defeat the twins with expertise or with a little creativity.

Far Cry New Dawn Mickey & Lou

This small guide should help you prepare for everything you may need to know before trying to face these nasty twin villains.

Of course, as mentioned before, there will be plenty of tricks that you can use in your gameplay. Far Cry is a game of much creativity after all. Here is a little list of what you might need to prepare for, in no order.

Keeping your Camp Upgrades in Check
Upgrading your Weapons
Unlocking Health Upgrades
Stacking up on Guns for Hire Upgrades

Keeping your Camp Upgrades in Check
Be sure to use all your camp upgrades before this fight. This is going to be a tough fight, after all.

Upgrading your Weapons
Upgrade your weapons, or get a new weapon that is at least Elite class. This is going to be important, so be sure to know what you’re getting yourself into, before beginning.

Unlocking Health Upgrades
The twin villains will attack you at once, so it is not a very viable option to dodge every-time. Adding some points onto the health upgrades will definitely help you win this fight easily.

Stacking up on Guns for Hire Upgrades
Add some points into the Guns for Hire upgrade.

Hire someone to help you in your fight. It’ll get considerably easier with someone around.

Fighting Mickey & Lou
Here is a short list of things you should keep in check:

Louuses a Flamethrower to burn down things
Mickey uses a Sniper to shoot from afar
Mickey is located on the opposite side of the New Eden settlement
Be careful of the reinforcements Lou and Mickey will occasionally call for
Mickey & Lou regenerate health over time

As soon as the fight begins, you will find yourself pretty close to Lou. Lou starts the fight by burning whatever she can see in her vicinity, to the ground. Stun her and focus on fighting Mickey first.

Mickey should be holed up on the opposite side of the New Eden settlement, sniping you from afar. Be careful of her sniper bullets and try to force her into a close-combat fight.

Do note that during the fight, the twin villains may try to call for reinforcements. When it happens, be sure to deal with the reinforcements with your own reinforcements.

Overall, it should be a pretty easy, but lengthy fight if you are using an Epic graded weapon with a very good DPS.

We wish you best of luck for your Mickey & Lou fight in Far Cry New Dawn. If you want to find more Far Cry New Dawn Guides, you can find them on our Guides page.

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