Far Cry New Dawn Lockpicking Guide – How to Unlock Safes, Safekeeping Trophy

Far Cry New Dawn Lockpicking Guide allows you to open safes scattered all across the Hope County wasteland to unlock Safekeeping Trophy/Achievement.

Like its predecessors, Far Cry New Dawn also follows an RPG-style of Perk Points, Skill Trees, and Character Upgrades. Specifically, we are looking at a Far Cry New Dawn Lockpicking Guide.

In order to access the ability as well as the “Safekeeping” Achievement/Trophy, you need to unlock the “Lockpicking” perk itself.

Far Cry New Dawn Lockpicking

You can find the “Lockpicking” perk tucked away in the “Perk Menu” of the game. It is easy enough to navigate there once you have started the game and gone through the basics. To get the perk, you need exactly six Perk Points.

Just like Far Cry 5, you can get these perks by either completing missions, doing challenges, or simply purchasing them. A relatively new feature.

Once you get the Lockpicking perk, you simply need to start exploring until you find a locked door or safe. After that, you simply interact with the subject of attention using your new perk and voila! Achievement unlocked!

Throughout the open-world of FCND, you will find a bunch of safes full of loot and other goodies. How do you gain access to these safes though? There are three surefire methods to do so and we will be going through those in just a second:

1. Remote Explosive

This is the hooligan’s way of blowing open safes in Far Cry New Dawn. How exactly does it work? Simply take any kind of explosive weapon, preferably remote explosives. Then place them in close proximity with the safe itself.

The explosion from the device will be powerful enough to blow the safe straight open wide. While this is the easiest available method which players have from the start of the game without needing to purchase perks.

It is still a risky method to use since it blows stealth completely out of the equation, to begin with.

2. Lockpicking

We have already talked about how you can gain access to the ability of Lockpicking. However, to get more specific, you use it by approaching the safe and holding the interact button.

This method is much more civilized than just blowing open the safe, and it has the added benefit of being stealthy.

3. Repair Tool

A little more underrated and hard to find the tip, the Repair Tool is also a great way to gain access to safes. It also makes the Lockpicking ability irrelevant in this regard since you get two branches of access for the price of one perk.

Simply equip the repair tool and use it on the safe to quietly crack it open.

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