Where to Find Joseph Seed in Far Cry New Dawn?

Want to learn where to find Joseph Seed in Far Cry New Dawn, the antagonist of Ubisoft's Far Cry 5. Learn all about in our FCND Joseph Seed Location Guide.

This FCND Guide has been carefully crafted to let you know where you can find Joseph Seed in Far Cry New Dawn. It should be a pretty straightforward guide so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Find Joseph Seed Far Cry New Dawn

Joseph Seed is the main antagonist in Far Cry 5. Joseph Seed is basically a cult leader turned into a mega-villain. If you remember from Far Cry 5, he is the guy who got you arrested for trying to attempt his murder. Anyways, here’s a quick recap:

In the final mission, the city gets nuked but uhh, you i.e. Deputy Rookget dragged into the bomb shelter with Joseph Seed. Long story short, Joseph Seed doesn’t exactly die in Far Cry 5.

Joseph Seed isn’t dead and is still in the same city: Hope County. You are playing in the same city even in Far Cry New Dawn. In case, you don’t remember Far Cry’s plot: Far Cry New Dawn is set 20 years after the events of Far Cry 5.

FCND follows players as they meet and greet the survivors of the Nuclear Blast.

Where to Find Joseph Seed?

Anyways, here’s where you can find Joseph Seed or at least his book “Joseph’s Word”. Although this may sound like a click bait, you will eventually find Joseph Seed.

There is no way to miss him in the actual storyline. Joseph Seed plays an integral part in the story in Far Cry New Dawn as well.

Head to the center of the map, on the island, and you’ll find the area where you first started playing in Far Cry 5.

You will begin a series of missions for the remnants of “Project at Eden’s Gate”. These missions will follow you trying to do little bidding for the cult, and ultimately trying to rescue Joseph Seed.

Of course, you cannot find Mr. Seed right at the start of the game. You can only find him after you have completed the previous parts of the game.

He will be located in the top corner of the map that is blocked by a very-lengthy boat ride.

Oh, and if you try to ferry-ride there before time, you will get killed by all that Bliss in that part of the world. Nothing can save you from that much Bliss… except for plot-armor.

Joseph Seed – What Has Become of Him?

You will eventually find out that Joseph has learned the errors of his ways and is now finally trying to become a better man. Although he’s still a little religious, he isn’t that extremist anymore. All that time with Deputy Rook might have changed him a little.

And yeah, Joseph is an ally in Far Cry New Dawn. He will play an integral role in the destruction of the cult that worshiped him.

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