Far Cry New Dawn Fishing Guide – How to Get a Fishing Rod, Fishing Tips

Far Cry New Dawn Fishing is an important yet fun aspect of the game. Learn how to find the Fishing Rod and start fishing in FCND.

If you were a big fan of fishing in Far Cry 5 then we have good news for you. Far Cry New Dawn includes fishing in Hope County and the mechanics work similarly to that of the previous installment.

Therefore, if you want to earn some cash quickly or simply engage in a side activity for fun, follow our FCND Guide below:

Far Cry New Dawn Fishing

Fishing is one of the Side Activities of the game that can be done while you are free from missions and want to spend some quality time with the elements of nature itself.

Of course, if you are successful, you can trade in the catch for some decent cash.

Fishing can be done by unlocking the Fishing Rod Perk. Like all perks, you’ll need to earn ability points from completing the various challenges. Fishing is also a good way of increasing Perk Points.

Firstly, you need an area that has a river or a lake so can start fishing there. If the water body is small then you can fish through the shore but for a larger pool of water, you’ll be required to use a boat to get to the center of the body for finding the catch.

The way you can fish is to first access the utility wheel with L1 or LB. Then, use R1 or RB to open the “Crafting” tab that contains different kinds of bait that you can use on your hook.

Pressing the L1 or LB button and then R1 or RB button will let you equip your rod. After that hold R2 or RT to build up momentum and as soon as you are ready to release the button to cast the fishing line out.

When the line is out to use L2 or LT to control the vertical and horizontal motion of the line in order to lure the fish towards it.

When a fish takes a bite of the bait, press R2 or RT to hook it in. As it is hooked, hold L2 or LT so that the fish is reeled in. Move the analog stick in the opposite direction of where it’s trying to go.

Do this until the line turns red. Stop when this happens to prevent the line from breaking and saving you the trouble of doing the whole thing over again. After some time the fish will grow weary and you can reel it in with L2 or LT.

You can then finally call it a day!

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