Far Cry New Dawn Beginners Guide – Guns for Hire, Best Perks, Hunting, Fast Travel, Outposts

Far Cry New Dawn Beginners Guide will help you learn all about weapons, perks, finding collectibles, side quests, and more.

Far Cry New Dawn Guide will help you with all of the tips and tricks that you need to know while starting the game. These tips will help you to be more efficient in the game and acquire high-end weapons quickly.

Far Cry New Dawn Beginners Guide

Far Cry New Dawn is the usual affair, you play through the game’s opening and then are let loose to *Liberate Outposts* and kill bad guys.

However, there are certain things that can help you throughout the game and will make your experience much better.

In our FCND Beginners Guide, we will be listing some tip and tricks. These are things that you need to prioritize in order that will elevate your in-game experience.

Disable Alarms at the Outposts

Players earn bonuses for being undetected and not setting off alarms while liberating an Outpost. That is why you need to take out alarms ASAP while liberating Outposts.

In case you are detected, enemies will not be able to call in reinforcements and will allow you to dispose of them without being overwhelmed.

Acquire the Tactical Binoculars Perk

A good chunk of Far Cry New Dawn is spent liberating Outposts. As much fun as it is to do so but going in blind puts player in risk of being backstabbed by the enemy.

That is why you need to get the “Tactical Binoculars” perk as soon as you can. Use this to tag enemies and alarms at the Outposts. This will help you earn bonuses for not setting off any alarm and remaining undetected while liberating an Outpost.

Complete the Eden’s Fire Mission

As soon as possible, go straight to the island where Far Cry 5 ended. If you do not remember the island, it is located in the middle of the map below the narrow section of the map at the top.

Go to the island and complete a fairly straightforward mission to retrieve Joseph Seed’s book. Follow the instructions in the book and complete the Eden’s Fire mission that will be marked on your map.

Doing this will net you a Level 2 Blue Bow. The bow is quite overpowered early in the game and will help you greatly.

Use Autodrive to Kill while Driving

Use the Autodrive and your car will automatically follow the road without your input. This allows you to shoot enemies without hitting your car in a tree or wall.

Get Timber ASAP

Timber the dog is very useful when it comes to highlighting enemies as he gets close to them. If you do not have the “Tactical Binoculars” Perk then Timber is a good substitute. Timber also marks the loot!

Guns for Hire are also your Personal Drivers

If you have not unlocked *Fast Travel points*, you need to either walk over there or drive. However, you do not really need to drive the car as you can call in your *Guns for Hire* and let them drive you to your desired location.

Unlock Fast Travel

Usually, in video games, *Fast Travel is unlocked* by just visiting a Fast Travel location. However, Far Cry New Dawn does not follow this rule and it makes you unlock Fast Travel by upgrading Prosperity.

Players will unlock Fast Travel points through Prosperity’s Expedition upgrades. You will need a total of *200 Ethanol* to unlock Fast Travel to all liberated Outposts and all discovered locations.

Buy Maps to highlight all Treasure Hunts

*Treasure Hunts* award players with 3 perk Points upon completion and Far Cry Credits. Therefore, you would want to complete them. However, they are not marked on the map unless you buy maps from the Cartographer at Prosperity.

Just buy the maps and all of the Treasure Hunts will be marked on the map.

Talk to NPCs for Side Quests

Talk to NPCs that have Exclamation Marks or Diamonds above them. This reveals points of interest and gives you Side Quests that are worth checking out.

Complete Expeditions to get Circuit Boards

Circuit Boards are required to craft high-end explosives. Completing Expedition Missions will reward you with Circuit Boards so keep that in mind.

Take the Judge along to Hunt Monstrous Animals

Hunting animals is one thing and *hunting Monstrous Animals* is another. That is why you need to bring The Judge along on the hunt and the animals will not attack you unless you attack them.

Hunting Mutated Animals is essential to acquire rare resources. The Judge’s calms these animals down which is incredibly helpful while setting up traps.

Stock up Bait while Hunting Animals

Bait is important to have if you are out hunting. Bait lures out animals so that you can hunt them for their resources.

Animals have dens in Far Cry New Dawn in which you can find loot and weapons. However, these dens are hard to find but not impossible.

If you spot an animal carrying a bag in its mouth, follow it, and keep your distance. Eventually, the animal will lead you to its den and you can loot it.

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