Far Cry New Dawn Act 3 Walkthrough Guide

With the help of our Far Cry New Dawn Act 3 Walkthrough Guide will help you learn all about completing all the Main Missions in Act 3 of FCND.

In this FCND Guide, we’ll go through the walkthrough of Far Cry New Dawn Act 3. This article will cover the story missions of the final act of the game.

Far Cry New Dawn Act 3 Walkthrough

The third and final act of Far Cry New Dawn picks up the pace. You’ll be facing many strong foes, so it’s important you level up as many perks as you can. There are a total of six missions in the final act.

Through the Wringer

Through the Wringer is the first mission of Act 3. After completing Act 2, you’ll get a call from the Twins within a few minutes that will initiate this quest. They will tell you about some hostages at the Fertilizer Plant.

Ideally, you want a sniper rifle for this mission. You’ll need to head there and rescue these hostages. At the plant, they are locked inside a room. You can unlock it by using the keypad on the door where the hostages are trapped.

To access this electronic lock, you’ll need to loot the key from a corpse on the rooftop. Climb up and you’ll find the corpse with the keycard in his extended left hand.

Head back to the trapped hostages and use the keycard on the electronic lock to free the hostages. This was only the first group of hostages you had to save though, and there are four more that you need to rescue.

The first of the remaining four hostages is on the ground floor of the main building of this facility. You’ll need to find a keycard once again to unlock the door. The keycard is hanging to the left of the door on a notification board.

Once you do, interact with the freed hostage to take the explosive belt off.

Another hostage can be found in a shack with a damaged tractor blocking the door. By now, you should have the Repair Torch Perk. Simply select your Repair Torch and repair the tractor. Mount on the tractor, and then drive it away.

Open the door using the key and interact with the hostage inside. The third hostage is located in a yellow container close to the first group of hostages you rescued, near a pink container.

Inside, you can take off the explosive belt of this hostage and free them. The final hostage is located in a side building, standing near a door.

Now, head back to the main building of this facility, in its ground floor. A new door open here leads to the basement. You’ll find more trapped hostages in the cellar, but it’s not quite as simple as before.

You have to disarm some bombs by interacting with 4 electric switches. The combination here is 4-1-2-3. When you flip the switch correctly, you’ll see a green light.

If flipping the next switch correctly gives a green light, then you’re doing it correctly. If not, you’ll get a red light and will have to start over.

Head back out and you’ll have three new markers for more hostages. These hostages are tied up on elevated platforms. Get to the roof of the main building and shoot the padlocks off with a sniper rifle.

Be careful not to shoot the hostage or else the mission will fail.

Finally, head to the refinery door on the rooftop of the main building. Stash your weapons in the bag outside as required and watch the cutscene. You’ll be back in Prosperity after the cutscene. Talk to Kim to end the mission.

Now That’s Entertainment

This mission is available in Act 1 and Act 2, but it is compulsory to do it in Act 3 at the latest in order to progress further in the main story.

We feel its fine to do it in the third Act as you can recruit specialists in the previous acts instead. It’s recommended you have the More Fist Damage perk for this mission.

To start this mission, head for up north in the map to a bridge located between The Pantry and The Island outposts. Here, you’ll find Irwin, a highwayman you can apparently trust. He wants you to win a melee tournament of some kind.

To determine your strength, he wants you to punch a machine. Shooting the machine is pointless, so it’s best to preserve ammunition and just punch like Irwin wants.

After that, stash your weapons in a yellow bag and follow Irwin down the zipline to Bonecrusher Pit. Continue following Irwin until he leads you into some tunnels. He’ll come to an iron gate that will open.

Follow the tunnel’s liner structure until you come across a ladder. Climb up to enter the Bonecrusher Pit.

A kid here will be trying to get your attention. Interact and then proceed to the fight. You’ll be assigned a name, after which you can head through the door and down the fenced path to the arena.

Make sure you pick up any Medkits you need on the way. Once you’re in the pit, get ready to fight with your fists. You’ll just have to punch anyone and anything that comes in your way, including dogs.

Be sure to pick up the melee weapon of any enemy that you take down.

There will be multiple waves of enemies in this pit, progressively getting harder. You’ll even have to fight some wild boars. Just make sure to keep picking up melee weapons and using them the best way you can.

There’s no science here other than bludgeoning everything that moves as hard as you can and trying not to be bludgeoned yourself.

After three waves, you’ll have to fight the reigning champion of the pit. He’ll zipline into the arena. The biggest challenge with this enemy is that he has a shield he’ll use to block any frontal assault.

To take him down easily, use counterattacking tactics. Try to hit him just after he swings by stepping to his side and striking behind the shield. Eventually, his shield will shatter, and you can unleash your fistful wrath on this highwayman.

Once you’ve downed this ex-champion, head to the waypoint and bow down to the crowd. Leave the pit from where you came, backtracking through the tunnels. Head back to the bridge and talk to Irwin. He’ll tell you about his future plans.

Go back to the bag and pick up all your gear to end the mission.

Inside Job

This mission is only available after you have completed Now That’s Entertainment. Talk to Irwin at the bridge and he’ll tell you about his plan to reach the Twins. He wants you to enter prison as an inmate so he can take the warden’s place.

Enter his truck and Irwin will drive you to the prison. Follow the guard in the prison and he’ll assign you your job. Doing so is quite easy.

Just follow the prompts on the screen until you overhear a conversation between the Twins and a prison guard. After that, make your way to the prison yard.

Head to the campfire there and talk to the guy sitting next to it. He’ll tell you about a shiv guards took from him and mention which guard has the key. Follow the markers on the map and grab the shiv from the container.

For the key, you’ll need to get past the fence. Luckily, you can climb a box next to it. Once you have both the key and the shiv, make your way back into the prison.

Once inside, head into the room behind the barred window and pull the lever. Use the ledge to climb to the upper floor. Drop yourself down to reach the door through which the Twins just went.

There will be some guards here. You can choose to either sneak past them or silently kill them one by one. Once you reach the rooftop, kill Frank and grab his things.

You can now escape the prison using Irwin’s truck again, or you can do so alone. We recommend the former as it’s a lot more hassle-free. Once you escape, this mission will conclude.

Riding Derby

Irwin seems to have taken a liking to you, and he’ll be giving you this mission as well. As with the previous two missions, head to Irwin and stash your weapons to initiate it. Irwin will come back at night with a car.

Take the car and drive it to the arena. Once there, place yourself at the starting line.

Yeah, this isn’t exactly a regular car sport. You’ll have to drive around and shoot the enemies in the arena. Don’t worry if your car catches fire – just get out and shoot the remaining enemies on foot.

Once you’ve killed all of them, you’ll get to join the Twins for dinner. A cutscene will then trigger.

After the cutscene, immediately head outside and grab the hidden gun from the central toilet. With this weapon, kill the guys at the table, grab your gear, and escape the arena. Good think you started this chaos.

Now, let’s save New Eden in the next mission.

Problem Solver

This mission starts immediately after Riding Derby ends. You will have to head to New Eden and enter the chapel. As soon as they do, the Twins will appear, and the fight will start.

There are two individuals you need to take out first: Mickey and Lou. Mickey is a sniper and she’s easy to spot because of her conspicuous blue laser sight. Lou likes to get up close and personal thanks to her flamethrower.

To defeat Mickey easily, move from cover to cover to the back of the house where she is. Climb up the ladder here, and then take her out with some powerful close-range weapon.

There are ammo crates all over the place, so you can replenish your ammunition infinitely and not worry. Lou is very easy and can be taken out from a distance once you spot her, or you can sneak behind and just unleash a full mag.

Once you’ve defeated both of them, you’ll have a choice: execute Mickey or spare her life. Whichever you choose, you’ll only have one final mission left in the game.

Ethan’s Soul

Ethan’s Soul is the final mission of Far Cry New Dawn. This quest starts directly after the end of Riding Derby.

You’ll have to head to Joseph’s Sanctuary to find both of them there. Ethan will eat a fruit a that will transform him, and you’ll then have to fight him. His transformation will be rather wild.

You’ll have to target the orange spots on his body, particularly the one on his back. Try to stay behind him and shoot his back for as much damage as possible. If you run out of ammo or health, simply run to the ammo crates in this location for a refill.

Once you’ve defeated Ethan, a cutscene will ensue and you will have the chance to decide Joseph’s fate. Regardless of the choice you make, you’ll have to head back to Prosperity afterwards and visit Rush’s grave.

A cutscene will trigger. Watch the cutscene and enjoy. Congratulations, you’ve just finished Far Cry New Dawn!

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